Results Archive 2013

29th December: Cross Country at Stadt Moers


Another good turnout by WRR on a lovely winters morning in ideal running conditions. At 5.3 miles this was one of the longest courses in the league but at least we were spared the muddy conditions that prevailed last year.


Mens Ladies
24Steve Thompson11Tarja Barnes
25Pete Ackerley25Fleur Evans
49Jim Dawson35Louise Shannon
79Ian Edge41Gill Collen
112Tony Bell56Alison Lysons
117Martin Catterall
138Bryan Forth

The combined Ladies team were 3rd overall and the men were 4th. There were 145 male finishers and 60 ladies.

Past Results.

Current League Standing:


1Liverpool Running Club
2Helsby, Lymm, Warrington Road Runners
3=Penny Lane Striders
3=Spectrum Striders
5Skemersdale & Parbold
7=Mersey Tri
7=Birkenhead & Pensby
9Liverpool Harriers
10Chester Tri
11Widnes Wasps
11Ellsmere Port


2Liverpool Running Club
3Penny Lane Striders
4Helsby, Lymm, Warrington Road Runners
5Mersey Tri
6Spectrum Striders
7Skemersdale & Parbold
8Chester Tri
9Newburgh Nomads
10Birkenhead & Pensby
11Liverpool Harriers
11Ellsmere Port

22nd December: Winter Handicap

Winter Handicap

A cool and breezy morning did not deter 20 members from turning out for the clubs winter handicap. Congratualtions to Keith and Shelly for winning their races.

Ladies Results

PosNameFinish TimeRun Time
1Shelley Walsh1:04:501:04:50
2Sarah Walls1:05:001:05:00
3Fleur Evans1:05:5648:56
4Gill Collen1:08:1454:34
5Tarja Barnes1:08:2745:47
6Alison Lysons1:10:401:02:40
7Joanna Plane1:11:3659:56

Mens Results

PosNameFinish TimeRun Time
1Keith Brown1:05:0041:00
2Vincent S1:06:0048:20
3Ian Edge1:06:3542:35
4Martin Catterall1:06:0548:05
5Steve Thompson1:06:4038:00
6Chris Jackson1:06:4043:40
7Bryan Forth1:06:4855:48
8Tony Bell1:07:4047:40
9Jim Dawson1:07:5840:58
10Russ Platt1:08:0543:05
11Pete Ackerley1:08:1738:57
12Andrew Holland1:08:2343:43
13Neil Hankinson1:09:0044:40

8th December: Tatton Yule Yomp

The is a popular off road event based in Tatton park with 1000 entrants. Many of the runners were in festive dress.

Cat PosNameTime
2Jim Dawson43:05
28Chris Jackson45:40
44Andrew Holland47:10

1st December: Cross Country at Arrowe Park


There were ideal running conditions for this race; cool, dry and no wind. Thirteen members made the race and consolidated WRRs' position in the overall league. Most members dashed away afterwards (not doubt Christmas Shopping) leaving a feast at the refreshments venue afterwards for the few members who did go!

Mens Ladies
22Steve Thompson16Tarja Barnes
56Ian Edge29Fleur Evans
57Jim Dawson47Gill Collen
84Andrew Holland69Shelly Walsh
119Billy O'Brien
122Tony Bell
127Martin Catterall
138Mark Molloy
151Bryan Forth

The combined Ladies team were 3rd overall and the men were 4th.

Past Results.

24th November: Conway Half Marathon

Despite having a hill in the middle of the course, a few members produced some good results form the Conway Half Marathon. Andrew produced a PB and Chris made a fine debut.

PosNameTimeAge Grade%
45Pete Ackerley1:23:4774.03%
143Russ Platt1:31:3371.91%
241Andrew Holland1:36:2361.44%
345Chris Jackson1:39:0559.92%

17th November: Preston 10 Miler

Four members turned out for the Preston 10 Miler. Both Martin and Fleur produced PBs.

PosNameTimeAge Grade%
24Steven Thompson1:01:1072.56%
116Daniel Green1:09:4066.89%
236Martin Catterall1:18:5758.06%
261Fleur Evans1:20:4057.08%

10th November: Cross Country at Beacon Fell


It was a glorious day for running with views from the start as far as the Welsh mountains and Winter Hill. After a minutes silence in remembrance of those who have fallen in wars, the runners were treated to a tough and muddy course, Russ and Martin were forced to pull out but Louise managed to complete her first cross country race - what a baptism!

Cross country team


Mens Ladies
28Pete Ackerley17Tarja Barnes
51Jim Dawson33Fleur Evans
74Ian Edge36Ann Gregory
94Andrew Holland39Louise Shannon
117Dan Green42Gill Collen
122Billy O'Brien76Shell Walsh
127Keith Brown
134Anil Jangra
146Tony Bell
165Bryan Forth

The combined Ladies team were 2nd overall and the men were 5th.

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Past Results.

27th October: Cross Country at Clarke Gardens

Club members were treated to a very muddy cross country race at Clarke Gardens in Liverpool on Sunday. It had rained all the previous night up until 5 minutes before the start, this did not stop some impressive performances in an enlarged field and the Ladies finished 2nd overall and men 3rd (combined with Helsby and Lymm Runners)


Mens Ladies
21Steve Thompson24Sarah Lewis
27Pete Ackerley33Ann Gregory
60Jim Dawson42Fleur Evans
64Ian Edge48Gill Collen
103Keith Brown67Donna Girvan
116Mark Byrne
123Billy O'Brien
130Russ Platt
135Andrew Holland
137Anil Jangra
158Martin Catterall
174Andrew Swain
176Bryan Forth

The combined Ladies team were 2nd overall and the men were 3rd.

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Past Results.

20th October: Amsterdam Marathon

An away weekend in Amsterdam saw four members running the Amsterdam Marathon. For two of them (Anil and Martin) it was a debut at that distance and so a big well done to all.


cat PosNameTime
253Russ Platt3:26:50
399Mark Byrne3:26:51
1632Anil Jangra4:04:27
987Martin Catterall4:05:13

6th October: Results

More race results over the last few weeks...

WhenWhereWhoCat PosTime
12 OctConiston 12Diane Whitfield122:25:17
6 OctChester MarathonAndrew Dalton653:20:30
6 OctCongleton Half MarathonTarja Barnes51:40:03
5 OctRivington Half MarathonNik Avraam-1:42:56

29th September: Cheshire 10K

Two members tried this event which had its first outing at Arley Hall. The race was fast and rural with a big field of over 700 runners. Congratulations go to Mark who obtained a PB.


PosNameTimeAge Grade%
58Jim Dawson38:5378.94%
257Mark Molloy47:0463.19%

29th September: Sandstone Trail Race

There was a big turnout from the club for these races in perfect running conditions.

Race 'A' Results

14Pete Ackerley2:11:40
36Steve Thompson2:19:47
44Jerry Coll2:22:05
61Daniel Bossward2:30:26
74Russ Platt2:34:43
94Andrew Holland2:42:20
100Keith Brown2:44:50
164Martin Catterall3:07:04
166Anil Jangra3:08:24

Race 'B' Results

30Jude Peck1:29:20
50Bill Obrien1:37:49
97Roger Knight1:48:45
120Bryan Forth1:59:19
Past Results

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

21st September: Penmaenpool 10 Race

10 Club members ran this race during the Club's long weekend away in Wales. The 10 mile race was on well surfaced track in the South of the Snowdonia National Park. The race follows the course of the old railway line which runs from Penmaenpool to Morfa Mawddach, now commonly referred to as the Mawddach Trail.


2Steve Thompson1:03:29
7Nik Avraam1:10:24
15Tanja Barnes1:15:19
16Neil Hankinson1:16:05
19Daniel Green1:17:37
23Andrew Holland1:19:33
24Mark Byrne1:19:47
33Martin Catterall1:29:43
34Gill Collen1:31:28
41Joanna Plane1:39:36

North West Road Relays at Lancaster, Sunday 15th September

North West Relays

Russ, Steve, Mark and Pete ran the North West Road Relays at Lancaster as a combined Warrington Road Runners team, they were the 4th Cheshire team home. Results are:

Peter Ackerley15:48
Russ Platt18:39
Mark Byrne16:54
Steven Thompson15:28

8th September: Warrington Half Marathon

There was a great turnout for this half marathon in ideal weather conditions. Steve, Jerry and Roger made impressive debuts whilst Andrew D, Andrew H, Anil and Brian all recorded PBs, well done to all. Results below:


PosNameCatCat PosTimeAge Grade%
36Steven ThompsonMSNR2301:24:4269.91%
77Jerry CollMSNR4801:27:3269.39%
81Jim DawsonM50701:28:3775.56%
90Nik AvraamMSNR5601:29:1168.63%
124Mark ByrneM403101:31:5168.78%
137Andrew DaltonM403501:32:4168.72%
250Daniel GreenM406701:37:5063.06%
269Billy O'BrienM502401:39:3672.15%
296Lynden JamesMSNR16301:39:2760.64%
308Jill FraserF401101:41:0564.10%
352Andrew HollandMSNR18501:42:1157.95%
452Anil JangraMSNR22401:46:5955.35%
611Martin CatterallMSNR28301:51:3554.43%
695Roger KnightM4020501:53:2455.71%
1068Bryan ForthM4027602:06:0649.70%
1232Diane WhitfieldF502102:12:2154.02%
1477Paul GurneyMSNR52502:37:3838.26%

Past results.

1st September: Ultra Tour du Mont-Blanc - CCC

Well done to Neil for completing the CCC (Courmayeur Champex Chamonix) which uses part of the "Grande Randonnée du Tour du Mont-Blanc (GR TMB)". This race is around 101km long and has about 6100m of climbing, with the highest point being over 2500m!

18thAugust: Birchwood 10K

It was a fine day for running and another impresive turnout. PBs were recorded by Pete, Steve, Jerry, Russ, Andrew Holland, Jude and Brian, and there were fine debuts by Andrew Dalton, Anil and Sara.


PosNameCatCat PosTimeAge Grade%
33Pete AckerleyMS2636:3876.98%
41Steven ThompsonMS3137:1172.28%
71Jerry CollMS4938:5471.96%
78Jim DawsonMV50439:1878.11%
115Russ PlattMV45540:5273.34%
132Andrew DaltonMV401942:0069.72%
141Andrew HollandMS8542:1963.61%
155Ian EdgeMV501443:1171.08%
217Billy O'BrienMV551145:25 72.24%
218Jude PeckFV35245:2460.76%
284Anil JangraMS12947:4156.31%
313Martin CatterallMS14048:3357.66%
454Sara JohnstonFS3352:5450.81%
568Bryan ForthMV405957:0950.46%

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Past Results

11thAugust: Great Warford 10M

There was a good turnout for this race and debuts were made by Pete, Steve, Daniel, Martin, Andrew D, Andrew H, Anil and Jude. Well done to all.


PosNameTimemin/MiAge Grade%
34Pete Ackerley1:00:276:0276.35%
37Steven Thompson1:00:466:0473.04%
81Jim Dawson1:06:316:3975.77%
109Russ Platt1:09:266:5670.81%
117Andrew Dalton1:09:516:5968.71%
139Andrew Holland1:11:447:1061.87%
169Daniel Bossward1:13:287:2062.83%
198Jude Peck1:16:027:3659.97%
206Billy O'Brien1:16:467:4070.36%
253Anil Jangra1:20:318:0355.12%
269Martin Catterall1:22:328:1555.50%
346Bryan Forth1:36:179:3749.07%

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Past Results

27th July - Lakeland 50

Congratualtion to Neil, Mark, Colin and Russ whao all successfully completed the Lakeland 50M on Saturday.


NameStart TimeFinish TimeElapsedPosition
Neil HankinsonSat 11:32:45Sun 00:11:4012:38:55139th(442)
Mark ByrneSat 11:32:45Sun 01:00:3313:27:48199th(442)
Colin BurgessSat 11:32:45Sun 01:00:3513:27:50200th(442)
Russ PlattSat 11:32:45Sun 01:06:1613:33:31205th(442)

21stJuly: Burtonwood 5M

Another hot race and an impressive debut by Steve.


18Steven Thompson28:55
63Jim Dawson32:21
96Daniel Green34:34
122Andrew Holland36:32
131Billy O'Brien37:21
212Bryan Forth47:02
Past Results

14thJuly: We Love Manchester 10K

Four members braved the scorching heat to run this race.


NameCat PosGen PosChip Time
Pete Ackerley352537:23
Tracy Entwistle5239:32
Nik Avraam694739:54
Andrew Holland33722847:39

9th July: Arley Mile Time Trial

Arley Mile

There was a good turnout on a fine summers evening.

Congratulation to Steve and Tracy for winning the Arley Mile Time Trials.

5Ian 5:38
6Andy H5:39
7Andy D5:41
Past results.

6th July: Results

Plenty of results recently, below is a snapshot of members results over the last couple of weeks.

22 JuneDelamere Park RunTracy Entwistle119:17
29 JuneDelamere Park RunTracy Entwistle119:03
29 June10 Peaks Race, The LakesNeil Hankinson710:23:23
30 JunePLS 10KSteve Thompson1737:48
Jude Peck2547:58
30 JuneLymm Trail 10KJim Dawspm941:32
Sarah Lewis246:13
Brian Forth8757:37
3 JulyForest Park 5KJude Peck2622:24

22nd June: Lymm 5K Race

This was the final race of the North Cheshire 5K Grand Prix series, and there were fine debuts by Andrew, Sarah and Jude.

29Steven Thompson17:445:42.4
32Pete Ackerley17:475:43.3
98Jim Dawson19:526:23.5
118Andrew Dalton20:356:37.4
181Sarah Lewis22:457:19.2
192Jude Peck23:147:28.5
283Bryan Forth28:109:03.8

Past Results.

Warrington 10k 2013

Final results for our 10K race now available here.

18th June: Summer Handicap Race

There was a great turn out for our Summer Handicap Race, congratulations to Roger for 1st Man and Jude for 1st Lady. Well done to Pete and Tracy for best category times on the night.

PosNameFinishTimeRunning Time
1Roger Knight34:2530:40
2Andy Dalton34:4824:33
3Ian Edge35:0523:50
4Steve Thompson35:1521:30
5Pete Ackerley35:1721:27
6Jude Peck35:1728:02
7Russ Platt35:2523:25
8Jim Dawson35:2823:28
9Mark Byrne35:3924:09
10Daniel Green35:4124:41
11Tracy Entwistle36:1323:28
12Martin Catterall36:2128:51
13Donna Girvan36:3336:33
14Sarah Lewis36:3727:22
15Bryan Forth36:3933:09
16Gill Collen36:5430:24
17Mark Mckinlay37:0433:49
18Anil Jangra37:1427:59
19Keith Brown43:3932:39

Past Results

13th June: Dunham Massey 5K Race 2

Back to Dunham Massey for the second race there. This time the course was reversed and it seems a faster course. Good turnout from WRR members with some good times, PBs for Pete, Ste, Andrew (who ducked under the magical 20 minutes) and a fine debut by Donna. Results below:

25Pete Ackerley17.32
29Steven Thompson17.42
61Jim Dawson19.21
64Russ Platt19.28
71Andrew Holland19.43
80Mark Byrne20.23
94Keith Brown20.45
210Donna Girvan31.19

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Past Results.

6th June: Bowden 5K

The Bowden 5K was on a hot suny Thursday evening, despite this there were PBs by Pete, Ste and Andrew and Tracy was 1st in her category. Results below:

28Pete Ackerley17.37
29Steve Thompson17.44
58Tracy Entwistle18.58
74Daniel Bossward19.29
82Jim Dawson19.49
85Mark Byrne19.54
100Andrew Holland20.14
104Daniel Green20.31

Past Results

1st June: Hollins Green 5K

A bright sunny Saturday afternoon saw a good turn out for the second race of the 5K series, results below:

26Steve Thompson17:54
59Russ Platt19:26
64Jim Dawson19:39
76Mark Byrne20:14
89Andrew Holland20:40
144Anil Jangra23:06
147Martin Catterall23:19
205Bryan Forth27:19

Past results

The next race in the series is the Bowden 5Kon Thursday 6th June, there are no entries on the night. See Altrincham and District ACfor more details.

26th May: Manchester BUPA 10K

A warm sunny Sunday morning saw three members do the Manchester BUPA 10K. Results are below.

645Dan Bossward41:41
3973Martin Catterall50:38
4599Gill Collen51:47

24th May: Dunham Massy 5K Race#1

The first of the 5K North Cheshire races was held at Dunham Massey on a cold and windy Friday night. There was a good turnout, with excellent debuts from Pete and Steven.

20Pete Ackerley17.52
24Steve Thompson18.04
53Mark Byrne19.51
54Daniel Bossward19.52
60Jim Dawson20.04
67Daniel Green20.15
76Keith Brown20.40
100Billy O' Brien21.55
103Anil Jangra22.03

Past results

The next race in the series is at Hollins Greenon Saturday 1st June, you should be able to enter this on the day. See Spectrum Striders Websitefor more details.

Chester Half Marathon 2013

Keith and Mark completed the Chester Half Marathon on Sunday, and Mark managed a PB for the distance.

Cat PosNameTime
20Keith Brown1:33:04
197Mark Molloy1:49:32

Past Results

Manchester Marathon, 28th April 2013

This years Manchester Marathon was much more enjoyable, with PBs recorded by Russ and Brain and a fine debut by Martin.

Cat PosNameTime
92Colin Burgess3:19:01
40Russ Platt3:13:45
1475Martin Catterall4:11:57
559Bryan Forth4:54:09
1600Andrew Holland3:51:40??

Past Results.

London Marathon, 21st April 2013

Well done to all London Marathoners, especially to Tracy who came 10th in her category. Tracy also set a new Cheshire V40 Ladies record for the marathon, a new club record and personal best time. Well done to Neil as well for achieving a PB.

Cat PosNameTime
10Tracy Entwistle2:58:41
1558Neil Hankinson3:19:45
1021Dan Green3:36:58
409Keith Brown3:40:28
8566Mark Morris4:46:38

Past Results.

Whitley 10K, 14 April 2013

Whitley 10K

There was a good turnout on a windy Sunday morning for this race.

Several new club members made impressive debuts on what is quiet a tough 10K course.

14Pete Ackerley38:59
20Steven Thompson39:52
23Jerry Coll40:11
31Nik Avraam40:40
44Ian Edge41:57
53Keith Brown43:06
60Andrew Holland43:38
72Jim Dawson44:31
97Sarah Lewis46:01
266Judy Heavey60:12

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

March 31, Run the Runcorn Bridge

Another cold start, and painfully early. But despite this six members managed to run the Runcorn Bridge this year. Russ managed a PB and there were strong debuts from Tarja and Mark.

Chip PositionNameChip Time
64Russ Platt32:21
76Jim Dawson33:10
122Tarja Barnes35:07
317Gill Collen41:35
469Mark Mckinlay46:29
522Billy O'Brien48:43

There were 701 finishers.

Past Results

March 24, Wilmslow Half Marathon

Despite the frigid weather, the Wilmslow Half marathon was well attended by club members. Congratulations go to Tracy who was 1st lady vet home in a strong field.

SurnameGender PositionCategory PositionChip TimeChip Position
Tracy Entwistle13101:25:09152
Nick Avraam24717201:28:44273
Keith Brown4082401:33:32453
Neil Hankinson44026701:34:16489
Mark Byrne5489401:37:06628
Andrew Holland94953401:44:351167
Chris Hampson101156301:45:001200
Nikki Chamberlain2214501:49:091517

There were 3657 finishers.

Past Results

Tracy 1st Lady in the Stafford 20 Miler

Tracy was 1st lady home at the Stafford 20 Miler on Sunday in a PB and club record time of 2:13:15 knocking 3 minutes of her winning time from last year. All this despite the chilly conditions.

25Tracy Entwistle2:13:15
73Neil Hankinson2:24:33
103Keith Brown2:32:34
126Nik Avraam2:37:27
275Kevin Dickson3:12:55

11 March: Tracy Wins High Legh 10K

Tracy was the overall lady winner at the High Legh Robert Moffet 10K and can be seen below receiving her prize from a desendant of Robert Moffet. Her time was 38m 02 which is a PB and a club record. Well done to Nikki who also recorded a PB time.

15Tracy Entwistle38.02
44Daniel Bossward41.58
118Nikki Chamberlain47.14
137Mhairi Gass48.36
148Mark Molloy49.12
High Legh ladies winner
Near the end of the 10K

Near the end of the 10K

2012-2013: NW Cross Country League, Combined Overall Lady Champions

Here are the final standings for the North West Cross Country League 2012/2013 season. Congratulations go to the ladies team who combined with Helsby and Lymm to finish 1st overall.

Combined Ladies

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Overall results for the season


  1. Helsby, Lymm and Warrington Road Runners
  2. Penny Lane Striders
  3. Liverpool Running Club
  4. Skem & Parbold
  5. Spectrum Striders
  6. Knowsley Harriers
  7. Birkenhead & Pensby


  1. Knowsley Harriers
  2. Penny Lane Striders
  3. Liverpool Running Club
  4. Spectrum Striders
  5. Helsby, Lymm and Warrington Road Runners
  6. Newburgh Nomads
  7. Birkenhead & Pensby
  8. Skem & Parbold

6 January 2013: Cross Country, Walton Park

The results for the Walton Park cross country race are here.

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