Club Summer Handicap Results

5th July 2016

We had a fantastic turnout for the Summer Handicap. It was brilliantly organised by Pete, Luke, Perry & Mark. The first man & woman home were Tom & April.

Summer Handicap
Summer Handicap
1Tom GreavesM20:00
2Steven ThompsonM21:35
3Jerry CollM4021:52
4Russ PlattM5023:45
5Matthew JohnsonM4523:47
6Ian EdgeM5023:57
7Daniel GreenM4024:17
8Lewis JohnstonM24:18
9John WalshM4024:24
10Liam WilkinsonM24:44
11Will MageeM24:46
12Andrew GerrardM5024:53
13Stephen AndersonM25:00
14Roger KnightM4525:42
15Kevin GillibrandM5025:46
16Andrew HollandM26:31
17Simon StockmanM4526:36
18Sean FarrellyM5027:03
19Ian SeaburyM4027:26
20Martin BerryM4027:29
21April WilkinsonF27:32
22Linda StathamF4029:24
23Gill CollenF5530:25
24Miranda NeweyF31:10
25Sue WaltersF5532:17
26Catherine WakefieldF5532:31
27Steph FosterF5033:17
28Bryan ForthM4534:27
29Liane ClarkeF5034:59
30Rebecca FinnertyF4035:51
31Danielle ShawF4537:55
32Hope ThomasF4539:55
33Sue HortonF4547:37

2nd June 2015

There was one of the biggest turnouts ever for the 'summer' handicap dispite the dubious weather. Congratulations to Kevin and Miranda for being first man/lady home.

PosNameCatCat PosTime
1Kevin GillibrandM45126:48
2Will CharlesM225:55
3Trevor AinsworthM326:29
4Miranda NeweyF131:37
5Linda StathamF40229:32
6Andrew GibbonsM421:27
7Sue WaltersF55332:19
8Elaine MountfordF55430:23
9Will MageeM524:53
10Alison LysonsF50531:58
11Ben LoganM626:31
12Steven ThompsonM722:06
13Emma FallonF35632:28
14Ian EdgeM50824:33
15Russ PlattM45924:27
16Daniel GreenM401025:02
17Chris JacksonM1124:47
18Pete AckerleyM401222:07
19Martin CatterallM1326:52
20Tony SudworthM551428:43
21Steven NokesM1525:08
22Gill CollenF55729:31
23Tarja BarnesF45826:45
24Keith BrownM501625:24
25Diane WhitfieldF55934:30
26Stephen BowdenM551726:35
27Sarah MatthewsF351032:47
28Bryan ForthM401832:40
29Matthew JohnsonM451924:13
30Simon StockmanM452026:21
31Wendy GidmanF451133:46

10th June 2014

There was a very good turnout for this years Summer Handicap. Well done to Brian and Sarah for winning the men's and ladies handicap.

On the start line...


Finish PosNameCatFinish TimeRun TimeTime Pos
1Bryan ForthM30:5730:5722
2Sarah MatthewsF31:0031:004
3Emma FallonF31:1030:553
4Ben LoganM32:4026:2517
5Tony SudworthM32:4726:1715
6Alan GrehanM32:5225:4213
7Jerry CollM33:0022:003
8Stephen BowdenM33:1625:1212
9Tarja BarnesF33:2726:191
10Stephen AndersonM33:3024:349
11Jonathan NobleM33:3325:0310
12Anil JangraM33:3727:3719
13Ian EdgeM33:3823:265
14Daniel GreenM33:4224:278
15Luke PottsM33:4825:4816
16Russ PlattM33:5423:366
17Chris JacksonM33:5725:0111
18Pete AckerleyM33:5821:211
19Alan WheelhouseM34:0726:5218
20Fleur EvansF34:1427:442
21Andrew GibbonsM34:2121:442
22Shelley WalshF35:0035:005
23Martin CatterallM35:2028:5021
24Mesbah NanaM35:3025:4714
25Ian PetersM35:4227:1220
26Steve ThompsonM35:5023:144
27Keith BrownM42:4331:5823

18th June 2013

There was a great turn out for our Summer Handicap Race, congratulations to Roger for 1st Man and Jude for 1st Lady. Well done to Pete and Tracy for best category times on the night.

PosNameFinishTimeRunning Time
1Roger Knight34:2530:40
2Andy Dalton34:4824:33
3Ian Edge35:0523:50
4Steve Thompson35:1521:30
5Pete Ackerley35:1721:27
6Jude Peck35:1728:02
7Russ Platt35:2523:25
8Jim Dawson35:2823:28
9Mark Byrne35:3924:09
10Daniel Green35:4124:41
11Tracy Entwistle36:1323:28
12Martin Catterall36:2128:51
13Donna Girvan36:3336:33
14Sarah Lewis36:3727:22
15Bryan Forth36:3933:09
16Gill Collen36:5430:24
17Mark Mckinlay37:0433:49
18Anil Jangra37:1427:59
19Keith Brown43:3932:39

Note: Slightly altered course from previous years (longer than last year)


NamePosCat PosFinish TimeRunning Time
Mark Molloy1133:3925:54
Bryan Forth2234:0229:47
Neil Hankinson3334:08 21:08
William O'Brien4434:5523:55
Martin Catterall5535:0125:16
Mark Davies6635:0622:06
Tracy Entwistle7135:1520:45
Jim Dawson8735:1821:18
Gill Collen9235:4627:31
Russ Platt10835:5722:27
Daniel Green11936:4023:10
Keith Brown121039:2925:59

Note: Slightly altered course from previous years


PosNameFinish TimeRunning Time
1Gill Collen28:0028.00
2Mark Byrne28:0421:54
3Paul Crawley28:0922:49
4Dave Gallimore28:1422:44
5Jim Dawson28:3122:01
6Martin Catterall28:4726:47
7Keith Brown29:2323:08


PosNameRunning Time
1Kevin Yates26:39
2Ian Edge23:36
3Ian Barwise27:12
4Mhiari Gass25:49
5Julia Wrigglesworth27:57
6Tracy Entwistle26:10
7Gill Collen28:07
8Mark Molloy28:44
9Lee Sweetman22:11
10David Appleby30:16


PosNameRunning Time
1Neil Hankinson22:45
2Neil Cliffe23:46
3Andy Gibbons22:51
4Mark Jones21:42
5Ian Barwise25:18
6Jim Dawson23:19
7Dave Gallimore22:54
8Keith Brown22:54
9Ken Hughes26:42
10Mark Molloy28:20
11Martin Hall26:59
12Shelly Walsh24:22
13Julia Wrigglesworth29:52
14Jo Johnson31:08


PosNameRunning Time
1Shelly Walsh29:32
2Molly McKay32:28
3Neil Cliffe22:36
4Dave Beck27:02
5Paul Crawley22:09
6Shirley Anderson24:43
7Mark Jones22:30
8Dave Gallimore23:02
9Larry Crawley26:15
10Gill Collen27:40
11Chris Burke26:58
12Alan Wright26:58
13Andy Collen23:09
14Jim Dawson24:05
15Mhairi Gass27:18
16Jo Sparkman30:25
17Mark Molloy28:21
18Tony Bell25:46
19Keith Brown29:15


PosNameRunning Time
1Ian Barwise29:42
2Andrew Marsden29:26
3Bill Monaghan29:15
4Alan Wright26:58
5Chris Burke26:10
6Keith Brown24:28
7Ian Edge24:22
8Mark Jones23:54
9Jim Dawson23:53
10Paul Glover22:27
11Sue Manuel37:15
12Angela Monaghan32:35
13Judy Heavey32:06
14Dianne Whitfield30:02
15Mhairi Gass28:16
16Shirley Anderson25:21