WRR Summer Handicap Race

The Summer Handicap race is an internal race for club members only of about 5.8km long.

Handicaps for all runners are determined on current form and the slowest starts the race first, the fastest has the biggest handicap and starts last, the idea is for everyone to finish at the same time.

The race starts from Broomfields Leisure Center. Runners should be there for 7pm and the first runner will be off shortly afterwards. The course is illustrated below.


Course Description

  1. Race starts outside Broomfields Leisure Center and goes straight down the alleyway to Lyons Road. Turn right and run up Lyons road crossing it with care.
  2. At the traffic lights turn left onto London Rd (A49) and run up towards Stretton.
  3. Continue up London Rd until the roundabout. Turn left here down Longwood Rd.
  4. Go straight across at the first roundabout (which services a small estate)
  5. At the next, larger, roundabout bear left (still Longwood Rd).
  6. Continue until the next roundabout and bear left here (still Longwood Rd)
  7. The next long section takes you to the large roundabout with Broom Ave, Witherwin Ave and Bridge Lane. Note on this section the footpath disappears in places, some people run on the grass, some cross to the other side of the road - either is OK.
  8. At the large roundabout, turn left onto Broom Ave. Cross Broom Ave with care and continue up Lyons Rd to the traffic lights.
  9. Turn right at the traffic lights, and right again at the first break in the wall into the field. From here it is a sprint down the grass to the finish line.

Previous Results