Like all clubs we have records for the fastest times over the standard distances or 5K, 5M, 10K, 10M, Half Marathon and Marathon achieved by members. This page lists these achievements. The time span for the open age group records go back to the 1980's. For the veteran category records, the time span is back to 2005 from when members times where recorded.

In order for a time to count as a Club Record the runner must 1) have been a First Claim Club Member on the day of the race, 2) the time must be that given in the official race results and 3) the event must be on an accurelty marked course.

Male Records
Female Records

Male Open

5KLes Hunter15:18Christleton14/05/1993
10KPaul Boileau32:43Hollins Green 10K19/05/1991
5MLes Hunter26:20Birkenhead 5M14/05/1990
10MLes Hunter55:00Sale 10M19/05/1991
HalfPaul Boileau1:12:10Wilmslow Half Marathon20/03/1994
20MKeith Brown2:09:32Rochdale 20M14/05/1995
FullAndrew Marsden2:42:53Liverpool Marathon14/05/1987

Female Open

5KTracy Entwistle18:39Dunham Massey#214/06/2012
10KTracy Entwistle38:07High Legh03/03/2013
5MTracy Entwistle31:01Burtonwood21/07/2012
10MTracy Entwistle1:02:47Preston 10 Mile18/11/2012
HalfTracy Entwistle1:24:01English Half Marathon09/09/2012
20MTracy Entwistle2:13:15Stafford10/03/2013
FullTracy Entwistle2:58:41London Marathon21/04/2013

Age Club Records

Male - 5K

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
M Les Hunter15:18 Christleton14/05/1993
M40 Mark Heavey17:04 Christleton20/05/2016
M45 Mark Heavey16:49 Christleton19/05/2017
M50 Colin Kennedy18:04 Christleton17/05/2019
M55 Russ Platt19:07 Mid-Cheshire 5K30/04/2021
M60 Philip Rose20:08 Mid-Cheshire 5K26/08/2022
M65 Stephen Bowden21:51 Warrington parkrun06/08/2022

Male - 10K

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
M Paul Boileau32:43 Hollins Green 10K19/05/1991
M40 Mark Heavey35:45 St Helens 10K06/03/2016
M45 Mark Heavey35:13 Salford 10K14/04/2017
M50 Colin Kennedy37:55 Alderley Edge Bypass 10K07/07/2019
M55 Colin Kennedy39:29 Run Through Tatton 10K09/08/2020
M60 Philip Rose41:26 Birchwood 10K21/08/2022
M65 Stephen Bowden45:15 Wilmslow Summer 10K10/07/2022

Male - 5M

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
M Les Hunter26:20 Birkenhead 5M14/05/1990
M40 Perry Moore28:54 Hale 5M01/04/2018
M45 Perry Moore29:37 Hale 5M21/04/2019
M50 Mark Byrne30:07 Rhyl 5M19/02/2023
M55 Stephen Bowden34:21 Alsager 501/02/2015
M60 Philip Rose33:40 Green Drive 5M23/10/2022
M65 Stephen Bowden36:53 Preston 5 M14/08/2022

Male - 10M

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
M Les Hunter55:00 Sale 10M19/05/1991
M40 Keith Brown1:03:36 Llandudno13/11/2005
M45 Neil Cliffe1:04:45 Llandudno13/11/2005
M50 Colin Kennedy1:03:43 Preston 10 Mile18/11/2018
M55 Kevin Gillibrand1:08:48 City of Preston 10M08/08/2021
M60 Philip Rose1:11:39 Preston 10 Mile20/11/2022

Male - Half Marathon

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
M Paul Boileau1:12:10 Wilmslow Half Marathon20/03/1994
M40 Jerry Coll1:22:13 Wilmslow Half Marathon03/04/2016
M45 Mark Heavey1:19:47 English Half Marathon17/09/2017
M50 Colin Kennedy1:26:08 Village Bakery Half Marathon17/02/2019
M55 Russ Platt1:30:14 Tatton Half Marathon25/04/2021
M60 Stephen Bowden1:36:34 Manchester Half Marathon15/10/2017
M65 Stephen Bowden1:36:34 Cheshire Half Marathon12/09/2021

Male - 20M

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
M Keith Brown2:09:32 Rochdale 20M14/05/1995
M40 Pete Ackerley2:12:48 South Cheshire 20M06/09/2015
M45 Andrew Dalton2:20:15 Trimpell 2020/03/2016
M50 Colin Kennedy2:23:50 South Cheshire 20M01/09/2019
M55 Andrew Gerrard2:32:54 Oulton Park 20M28/11/2021
M60 Stephen Bowden2:37:26 Wrexham Freedom 20M08/03/2020
M65 Stephen Bowden2:52:34 Oulton Park 20M03/03/2024

Male - Marathon

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
M Andrew Marsden2:42:53 Liverpool Marathon14/05/1987
M40 Jerry Coll2:52:08 London Marathon24/04/2016
M45 Andrew Dalton3:00:29 Manchester Marathon10/04/2016
M50 Iain Craven3:10:30 Manchester Marathon14/04/2024
M55 Russ Platt3:29:30 Chester Marathon03/10/2021
M60 Stephen Bowden3:32:33 London Marathon28/04/2019
M65 Stephen Bowden3:55:36 London Marathon23/04/2023

Female - 5K

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
F Claire Richardson21:28 Mid-Cheshire 5K28/04/2017
F35 Tracy Entwistle19:22 Dunham Massey#127/05/2011
F40 Tracy Entwistle18:39 Dunham Massey#214/06/2012
F45 Tracy Entwistle19:39 Warrington parkrun04/08/2018
F50 Linda Bowden23:45 Mid-Cheshire 5K29/04/2022
F55 Sally Green21:48 Mid-Cheshire 5K30/04/2021
F60 Sally Green22:00 Mid-Cheshire 5K26/08/2022
F65 Elaine Mountford27:06 Warrington parkrun16/03/2024
F70 Marianne Russell39:52 Warrington parkrun03/12/2022

Female - 10K

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
F Claire Richardson45:07 Mad Dog 10K05/02/2017
F35 Tracy Entwistle40:01 Manchester BUPA 10K16/05/2011
F40 Tracy Entwistle38:07 High Legh03/03/2013
F45 Tracy Entwistle39:35 High Legh03/03/2019
F50 Tarja Barnes48:17 High Legh03/03/2019
F55 Sally Green47:41 Chase The Sun Tatton 10k02/06/2021
F60 Sally Green46:24 Wilmslow Summer 10K10/07/2022
F65 Diane Whitfield1:10:48 Warrington Running Festival 10K24/09/2023

Female - 5M

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
F Julia Wrigglesworth37:00 Sefton Park 527/07/2004
F35 Tracy Entwistle32:28 Sefton Park 520/07/2011
F40 Tracy Entwistle31:01 Burtonwood21/07/2012
F45 Tracy Entwistle32:41 Sefton Park 511/07/2018
F50 Gill Collen39:47 Runcorn Run The Bridge04/04/2010
F55 Sally Green38:39 Sefton Park 531/07/2019
F60 Sally Green36:29 Sefton Park 513/07/2022

Female - 10M

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
F Victoria Walls1:06:30 Stockport07/12/2014
F35 Tracy Entwistle1:07:17 Llandudno22/05/2011
F40 Tracy Entwistle1:02:47 Preston 10 Mile18/11/2012
F45 Gill Collen1:14:39 Llandudno16/11/2003
F50 Gill Collen1:25:37 Great Warford 10 Mile10/08/2008
F55 Julie Moore1:19:47 Stockport03/12/2017
F60 Sally Green1:17:22 Myerscough 10 Mile Road Race04/12/2022

Female - Half Marathon

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
F Lauren Hayes1:36:09 Torremolinos Half Marathon02/02/2020
F35 Tracy Entwistle1:28:51 Wilmslow Half Marathon27/03/2011
F40 Tracy Entwistle1:24:01 English Half Marathon09/09/2012
F45 Tracy Entwistle1:30:36 Helsby Half Marathon20/01/2019
F50 Gill Collen1:50:12 Macclesfield Half Marathon28/09/2008
F55 Julie Moore1:45:16 English Half Marathon17/09/2017
F60 Sally Green1:44:26 Great Manchester Run Half22/05/2022

Female - 20M

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
F April Wilkinson2:58:37 Trimpell 2020/03/2016
F35 Tracy Entwistle2:24:39 Stafford13/03/2011
F40 Tracy Entwistle2:13:15 Stafford10/03/2013
F45 Tarja Barnes2:51:51 Trimpell 2019/03/2018
F50 Linda Bowden3:23:19 Oulton Park 20M03/03/2024
F55 Julie Moore2:54:10 Trimpell 2019/03/2018
F60 Sally Green2:57:58 Oulton Park 20M03/03/2024

Female - Marathon

Age CategoryNameTimeEventDate
F April Wilkinson3:39:24 Manchester Marathon02/04/2017
F35 Tracy Entwistle3:14:29 London Marathon17/04/2011
F40 Tracy Entwistle2:58:41 London Marathon21/04/2013
F45 Tarja Barnes3:39:09 London Marathon26/04/2015
F50 Sinead Grillon4:03:21 London Marathon21/04/2024
F55 Julie Moore3:49:02 Loch Ness Marathon23/09/2017
F60 Sally Green3:49:16 London Marathon23/04/2023

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