London Marathon

23rd April 2023

London Marathon
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
8763Andrew GerrardM5530171583:30:3070.04SilverPB
10108Jamie PorterM40151780323:35:4158.62CopperPB
14160Sally GreenF603834733:49:1677.86GoldPB and Club Record
16413Stephen BowdenM6587121253:55:3667.62SilverSB and Club Record
39481Alan GrehanM4011742248375:20:2940.03

2nd October 2022

London Marathon
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%Notes
32477Alexandra DaileyF501313119085:28:0148.14First Timer
36978Kathryn MahoneyF356690145246:04:2437.89First Timer
38272Laura BiggsF7008153516:22:2935.4First Timer

3rd October 2021

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
8448Bobbie LomaxF4532718143:43:1665.76Silver
14248Steve AndersonM401927104794:07:3652.23PB
20839Stephen BowdenM65219182705:15:1150.05Club Record

28th April 2019

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
4719Will MageeM4084140973:19:4563.3Bronze
6139Bobbie LomaxF4019910293:27:3669.35SilverPB
7282Stephen BowdenM609558693:32:3372.05SilverPB and Club Record
7433James WilliamsM40282959643:33:1661.15BronzeFirst Timer
11461Claire RichardsonF153828463:49:4358.95Copper
18888Elaine MountfordF608254874:15:4468.8SilverClub Record
21725Ben LoganM402705151314:26:3648.12
22788Alison RowleyF45125170394:30:2156.24CopperFirst Timer
24169Carolyn FlanaganF5068776744:35:4856.53CopperFirst Timer

22nd April 2018

London Marathon
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
3708Andrew DaltonM4551033343:25:4766.1Silver
5380Claire RichardsonF4787443:37:0662.38BronzePB and Club Record
10579April WilkinsonF35137125244:05:1355.64Copper
11113Tarja BarnesF4540627174:07:5061.35Bronze
11806Julie MooreF558029724:11:2068.06Silver
14360Stephen AndersonM402023104964:23:2548Debut
22315Wendy GidmanF5058669004:56:5851.84Debut

23rdApril 2017

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
2516Perry MooreM4055524003:05:4969.6SilverPB
2607Andrew DaltonM4531824843:06:4172.23Silver
4757Colin BurgessM4566842913:21:2466.39SilverPB
12773Ben LoganM40197197953:58:1253.08CopperPB
20408Elaine MountfordF5518158244:29:1163.55BronzeDebut and Club Record

24th April 2016

We had five members at the London Marathon all of whom achieved a club standard, and we even had two members below the 3 hour mark. Top billing goes to Jerry who led the club home in a new PB and club record for his age group.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
1006Jerry CollM401979832:52:0873.45GoldPB and Club Record
1284Pete AckerleyM4025512452:55:1873.18Gold
7241Russ PlattM5059760613:33:2764.28Bronze
7544Chris JacksonM301562683:35:0857.44Copper
21597Linda StathamF40108459804:28:3253.61CopperDebut

26th April 2015

Well done to all marathoners, especially to Tarja who produce a new club record for her category and to Andy, Bryan and Sarah and Will for PBs.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
6021Chris JacksonM249751513:29:0759.74BronzeDebut
6332Russ PlattM4585553903:30:2866.02Bronze
7959Tarja BarnesF4518013983:39:0970.05SilverClub Record
8830Andrew HollandM354371763:42:4956.06CopperPB
14244Ben LoganM5582110404:00:5452.39Debut
20819Anil JangraM7768151134:26:3946.85
34056Mark McKinlayM11351218775:46:436.13

13th April 2014

There were three members running the London Marathon, well done to all especially to Pete who managed to duck under three hours.


PosGender PosCat PosNameCategoryFinish timeAge Grade%
821793171Pete Ackerley 40-442:54:2173.74%
16831586893Jerry Coll 18-393:03:5468.58%
75166203965Russ Platt 45-493:43:3361.74%

21st April 2013

Well done to all London Marathoners, especially to Tracy who came 10th in her category. Tracy also set a new Cheshire V40 Ladies record for the marathon, a new club record and personal best time. Well done to Neil as well for achieving a PB.

Cat PosNameTime
10Tracy Entwistle2:58:41
1558Neil Hankinson3:19:45
1021Dan Green3:36:58
409Keith Brown3:40:28
8566Mark Morris4:46:38

22nd April 2012

Congratulations to Tracy who broke achieved a personal best of 3:03:30 and set a new club record in the London Marathon.

Cat Pos Name Time
17 Tracy Entwistle 3:03:30
986 Keith Brown 4:19:49


Cat PosNameTime
134Tracy Entwistle3:14:29
1318Dan Green3:21:25
4785Chris Hampson4:09:15
47 Judy Heavy 4:54:29


Cat PosNameTime
424Keith Brown3:20:58
205Steve Beven3:53:31


Cat PosNameTime
545Mark Jones2:59:13
448Keith Brown3:24:05
359Shirley Anderson3:32:14
682Julia Wrigglesworth3:46:36
228Steve Bevin3:56:26
196Gill Collen4:26:49
556Alison Lysons4:42:57
688Carrie Whittle4:56:44