Sandstone Trail Race A or B


The Sandstone Trail Race is held anually in mid-autumn, and consists of two alternative races run concurrently, both following sections of the Sandstone Trail Path.

Both races finish in Delamere Forest where the Prizes are presented.

The race is organised by Cute Fruits

Past Results

30thSeptember 2018

Sandstone Trail A Race
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
97Russ PlattM5010862:37:28
114Dave AshcroftM55131012:43:09
Sandstone Trail B Race
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
10Daniel GreenM454101:22:58
14Steven NokesM405131:23:50
24Xavier SolerM407211:27:06
52Andrew GerrardM509401:33:10
87Simon StockmanM5018631:42:06
89Keith BrownM5519641:42:29
149Verity RosenburghF9501:53:27
159Charles ComminsM251021:55:32
162Jon BettsM45321041:55:40
170Ian WilliamsM261081:57:26
191Catherine WakefieldF558782:02:22
211Nicola StockmanF5032922:05:59
255Bryan ForthM45441292:22:00

1st October 2017

Start of the Sandstone B Trail Race

Sandstone Trail B Race Results
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
18Russ PlattM504171:31:49
25Daniel GreenM406231:34:43
31Michael MonaghanM407271:37:10
33Steven NokesM408281:38:03
44Simon StockmanM509361:40:37
46Tarja BarnesF452101:41:21
53Keith BrownM5511391:43:38
85Roger KnightM4518561:52:41
136Catherine WakefieldF556612:10:05
185Bryan ForthM4527802:25:25
Sandstone Trail A Race
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
75Will CharlesM22632:48:53
81Xavier SolerM4023662:50:20
85Dave AshcroftM5515572:52:34
103Julie MooreF553222:59:05
110Ian SeaburyM4535863:01:01
145April WilkinsonF3521393:23:25

2nd October 2016

It was a glorious sunny day and we has good turnout for both Sandstone Trail races. Well done to Tracy for coming first in her age category.

Tracy on the Sandstone Trail SandstoneTrail

Tracy collecting prize, before the Sandstone B Race

Sandstone Trail A Race
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
32Perry MooreM4011312:26:13
73Luke PottsM22602:43:43
122Ian SeaburyM4037963:03:16

Sandstone Trail B Race
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
11Pete AckerleyM405121:22:00
35Tracy EntwistleF45131:29:35
38Jim DawsonM508311:30:11
41Jim HaddockM4012321:31:20
42Russ PlattM509331:31:27
43Steven NokesM11341:31:41
49Will MageeM12391:33:56
74Simon StockmanM4519551:44:36
79Dave AshcroftM5521581:45:12
88Liam WilkinsonM14631:47:55
93Linda StathamF4512261:48:57
96Gill CollenF555291:49:59
139Catherine WakefieldF5511542:05:41
158Bryan ForthM4531882:17:59

27th September 2015

Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

20Pete AckerleyM402:18:15
102Martin CatterallM402:48:53
157Andrew HollandM3:10:47
175Bryan ForthM403:47:53

Sandstone Trail 'B' Race

52Keith BrownM501:34:26
64Steven NokesM1:38:17
68Alan GrehanM1:39:50
73Tarja BarnesF451:41:47
128Kevin DicksonM451:51:38
135Gill CollenF551:53:02
154Miranda NeweyF2:00:01

28th September 2014

Sandstone trail

It was the Sandstone trail race weekend with ideal running conditions for it, well done to all who completed either race.

Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

18Pete AckerleyMV4002:14:08
31Steven ThompsonM02:23:45
43Russ PlattMV4002:25:58
74Keith BrownMV5002:39:22
107Andrew HollandM02:56:56
111Bryan ForthMV4003:31:33

Sandstone Trail 'B' Race

17Daniel GreenMV4001:23:20
35Chris JacksonM01:31:45
61Diana BlackshawL01:39:08
81Martin CatterallM01:42:51
86Fleur EvansLV4001:44:03
140Sarah MatthewsL02:07:49


There was a big turnout from the club for these races in perfect running conditions.

Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

14Pete Ackerley2:11:40
36Steve Thompson2:19:47
44Jerry Coll2:22:05
61Daniel Bossward2:30:26
74Russ Platt2:34:43
94Andrew Holland2:42:20
100Keith Brown2:44:50
164Martin Catterall3:07:04
166Anil Jangra3:08:24

Race 'B' Results

30Jude Peck1:29:20
50Bill Obrien1:37:49
97Roger Knight1:48:45
120Bryan Forth1:59:19


Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

96Keith Brown2:45:10


Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

34Jim Dawson2:20:18
89Keith Brown2:37:24


Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

80Keith Brown2:38:49
115Stephen Webb2:55:38
132Helen Holden3:07:49
133Julia Wigglesworth3:07:50

Sandstone Trail 'B' Race

60Gill Collen1:43:41


Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

46Keith Brown1:29:01


Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

19Mark Jones2:1722
67Shirley Anderson2:39:50
111Keith Brown2:59:10

Sandstone Trail 'B' Race

56Gill Collen1:42:35