Bowden 5K

Third race in the Cheshire 5K Grand Prix Series. This is usually held on a Thursday evening, and starts near the Stamford Arms in Bowden. The course is two laps around the streets of Bowden with a bit in a park.

6th June 2019

15Colin KennedyM5018:5280.65Gold

11th June 2017

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
41Bobbie LomaxF402520:1476.44GoldSB
147Karen EvansF5084431:0155.67Copper

7th June 2018

Bowdon 5K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%Standard
55Russ PlattM5095120:5271.25Silver

9th June 2016

Bowdon 5K (North Cheshire 5K Series)
18Steven ThompsonM17:5373.16Silver
20Jerry CollM4018:0176.13Gold
87Keith BrownM5022:0069.17Silver
100Stephen BowdenM5522:4269.75Silver
101Martin BerryM4022:4360.75Copper
Bowden 5K Bowden 5K
Bowden 5K

4th June 2015

Well done to Luke and Will for running PBs at Bowden

28Steven ThompsonM18:35 69.82Silver
73Keith BrownM5020:24 74.59Silver
75Luke PottsM20:27 65.20BronzePB
87Will MageeM20:52 63.80BronzePB
94Steven NokesM21:04 63.72Bronze
175Linda StathamF4025:4760.94Copper

29th May 2014

The North Cheshire 5K series kicked off with the Bowden 5 in good running conditions. There were fine debuts from Jerry and Fleur and a PB from Luke.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
20Jerry CollSenior Man18.1773.99%
48Russ PlattMale Vet 4519.3774.33%
56Keith BrownMale Vet 5020.0775.00%
63Jim DawsonMale Vet 5020.1673.72%
91Luke PottsSenior Man21.4260.86%
100Andrew HollandSenior Man22.2457.94%
130Fleur EvansLady Vet 4023.4956.40%

6th June 2013

The Bowden 5K was on a hot suny Thursday evening, despite this there were PBs by Pete, Ste and Andrew and Tracy was 1st in her category. Results below:

28Pete Ackerley17.37
29Steve Thompson17.44
58Tracy Entwistle18.58
74Daniel Bossward19.29
82Jim Dawson19.49
85Mark Byrne19.54
100Andrew Holland20.14
104Daniel Green20.31

7th June 2012

Third of the 5K Series. It rained all day until about 30 minutes before the start. The race itself was wet underfoot but this did not deter runners.

Pos Name Time
54 Jim Dawson 19:29
60 Mark Byrne 19:42
65 Neil Hankinson 19:52
69 Russ Platt 19:57
82 Mark Davies 20:29
149 Martin Catterall 24:15

9th June 2011

71Russ Platt19.14
75Daniel Green19.20
76Jim Dawson19.21
85Tracy Entwistle19.55
215Carol Fell30.51

10th June 2010

74Keith Brown19.24
218Carol Fell30.56

4th June 2009

98Keith Brown19.29
162John Houghton21.09
269Carol Fell29.16

5th June 2008

86Keith Brown19.13
129Jim Dawson20.29
237Carol Fell29:45

7th June 2007

118Keith Brown20.18

8th June 2006

86Neil Cliffe19:14
101Keith Brown20.10