Birchwood 10K


The race route is an accurately measured 10k along roads and tarmac footpaths in Birchwood and Croft, the course is underlating with most of the hard work in the last 3km. It is based at Birchwood shopping center and organised by Spectrum Striders.

In 2015 the course was changed to go though the technology park.

21st August 2022

Birchwood 10K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
67Philip RoseM6015241:2679.16GoldPB and Club Record
91Andrew GerrardM5576944:0473.07Silver
107Stephen BowdenM6548145:3676.13Gold
144Lee RigbyM401910649:3757.64Copper
172Sinead GrillonF4564451:5965.15BronzePB
192Colin BridgerM501414253:1156.97CopperPB
203Linda BowdenF5085754:2662.95Bronze
228Christopher PriceM451915957:0951.27
240Geri KiddleF50137658:3061.51CopperPB
308Bryan ForthM50201921:14:1940.77

22nd August 2021

Birchwood 10K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
16Steve TraceyM81539:5567.06SilverSB
38Bobbie LomaxF453543:5474.64Gold
56Philip RoseM5555145:4671.01Silver

18th August 2019

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
84Thom HarrisonM387239:3467.94SilverFirst Timer
95Russ PlattM5058240:1376.63GoldPB
153Alan WheelhouseM501213243:4769.2SilverPB
160Stephen BowdenM60613544:0076.67Gold
164Bobbie LomaxF4032744:1572.66SilverSB
190Martin CreganM7415945:0559.26CopperFirst Timer
238Steve AndersonM403419746:3659.94Copper
336Sally GreenF5516550:0474.67SilverPB
354Sarah BickerstaffeF317150:3360.01CopperFirst Timer
368Mike McMahonM552529751:0161.48Bronze
501Ben LoganM405939455:0851.06
583Linda StathamF452414157:3557.48Copper
697Vicky RavenscroftF45342041:02:3852.85
765Bryan ForthM45705241:06:1444.61
866Sarah FidoF983171:15:2040.27First Timer
892Laura WaringF1023321:22:0836.93

19th August 2018

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
40Perry MooreM4563937:2976.92Gold
54Tony PfaffM325138:4968.96SilverFirst Timer
69Steven ThompsonM396339:3068.06Silver
89James WilliamsM40498140:3269.98Silver
106Philip RoseM5579141:3276.16GoldPB and Club Record
120Bobbie LomaxF4071942:1275.55GoldSB
142Steve AndersonM402212243:1864.01Bronze
159Stephen BowdenM60313643:5276.18GoldSB
193Sean FarrellyM501116644:5269.28Silver
203Neil CliffeM551517645:1871.08Silver
206Lynda BridgeF4542845:2071.58Silver
208Mike McMahonM501517945:3768.14SilverPB
290Emma TateF184448:1462.89Bronze
338Keith BrownM552728649:3264.43Bronze
350Martin BerryM404329549:4956.94Copper
399Elaine MountfordF5556951:1774.81Silver
461Roger KnightM455337652:5455.86Copper
518Linda StathamF451911054:4159.92Copper
533Charles ComminsM19041854:4748.92
635Carolyn FlanaganF501815958:0559Copper
741Vicky RavenscroftF45692171:01:2953.29
788Liane ClarkeF50372451:03:4956.39CopperSB
815Bryan ForthM45735551:05:1344.93SB
944Laura WaringF913421:21:5437.04

20th August 2017

There was great turnout for the Birchwood 10K this year. Tom led the club home and Tom, Andrew, Lynda, Michael, Miranda, Elaine, Charles and Joanna all achieved PBs. The men's team of Tom, Mark, Steve and Perry came first, and the ladies team of Lyn, Tarja and April were the second ladies team overall.

At the Birchwood 10K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
20Tom GreavesM132035:3475.12GoldPB
24Mark HeaveyM4532436:0180.06Gold
31Steven ThompsonM203037:0572.27Silver
45Perry MooreM4064338:2174.58Gold
93Russ PlattM5048541:4872.49Silver
97Daniel GreenM40208841:5368.28Silver
121Sean FarrellyM50711043:0171.64Silver
128Andrew GerrardM50811643:1371.31SilverPB
135Stephen BowdenM60312243:2476.27GoldClub Record
143Lynda BridgeF4051743:3073.91GoldPB
177Michael MonaghanM403115444:4961.84BronzePB
257Tarja BarnesF4543647:4170.22Silver
326April WilkinsonF35115149:2261.88Bronze
337Linda StathamF4565649:3965.36Bronze
338Liam WilkinsonM13828249:4054.5Copper
342Miranda NeweyF25849:4460.99CopperPB
345Elaine MountfordF5535949:4776.06SilverPB
414Mike McMahonM503634151:4559.55Copper
566Denise GrehanF353014456:0854.81Copper
567Alan GrehanM20342356:0848.46
599Ian WilliamsM21244057:0847.05
672Lisa McKennaF5819959:0551.34
673Jenny SmithF402420059:0653.95Copper
718Charles ComminsM2334881:00:3744.07PB
801Bryan ForthM45635181:03:4645.58
802Karen EvansF50252841:03:4656.43CopperDebut
803Joanna GordonF722851:03:4647.62PB
809Liane ClarkeF50262901:03:5455.61Copper
843Carolyn FlanaganF45583101:05:5651.37Debut
888Nicola DuttonF45623421:09:0049.08Debut

21st August 2016

This years race was in damp and windy conditions but this did not stop Tom from producing a PB and one of the best 10K times of the year. There were also PBs from Kevin, April, Ian, Kate and Lianne.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
23Tom GreavesM142336:4372.76SilverPB
48Mark HeaveyM4074438:2974.32Gold
52Steven ThompsonM304938:4469.1Silver
66Perry MooreM40116139:0672.55SilverDebut
119Jim DawsonM50910841:3973.99Silver
136Russ PlattM501513042:1071.26Silver
150Luke PottsM7514142:3664.2Bronze
162Will MageeM7814742:5063.5Bronze
163Ian EdgeM501714943:0371.58Silver
166Jim HaddockM402415443:1066.25Bronze
258Kevin GillibrandM502722245:5565.99BronzePB
328April WilkinsonF164647:5663.56BronzePB
330Liam WilkinsonM13228047:5956.2Copper
341Mike McMahonM503728948:2163.19Bronze
366Martin BerryM405131448:5257.61Copper
384Stephen BowdenM601334449:1866.53BronzeClub Record
400Andrew GerrardM504232749:4361.45Bronze
479Ian WilliamsM18439952:1451.31PB
484Denise GrehanF35219452:2158.55Copper
498Mark MolloyM455340552:4056.55Copper
537Miranda NeweyF4011353:3056.7Copper
581Ben LoganM20444954:4650.24
654Catherine WakefieldF55716656:3766.03BronzePB
703Alison BrownF453119257:4156.26Copper
738Sarah MatthewsF353721658:4752.14
797Liane ClarkeF50262521:00:5857.57CopperPB
823Bryan ForthM45785581:02:3846.04

23rd August 2015

There was possible the clubs largest turnout for this Championship race despite the sweltering heat. Tom and Jenny led the club home and there were PBs for Andrew, Will and Jenny. Well done all.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
60 Tom GreavesM36 57 40:20 66.97Silver
88 Andrew DaltonM457 81 41:23 72.31SilverPB
128 Jim DawsonM5011 117 43:19 72.20Silver
142 Russ PlattM4516 130 43:47 70.06Silver
148 Luke PottsM66 136 43:54 63.31Bronze
157 Neil CliffeM5515 141 44:14 72.34Silver
164 Alan GrehanM70 146 44:36 61.56Copper
177 Will CharlesM76 156 45:10 59.95CopperPB
183 Steven NokesM77 160 45:26 61.60Copper
207 Jim HaddockM4027 179 46:11 63.11Bronze
230 John WalshM4030 194 46:30 61.91Bronze
271 Kevin GillibrandM5023 230 47:54 64.18BronzeDebut
285 Martin CatterallM4033 240 48:29 58.68Copper
304 Martin BerryM4035 248 48:57 58.48CopperDebut
465 Jenny SmithF4016 91 53:14 59.46CopperPB
474April WilkinsonF359553:2657.04CopperDebut
487 Denise GrehanF3519 101 53:44 57.19Copper
556 Elaine MountfordF557 135 55:45 67.12BronzeDebut
572 Miranda NeweyF49 140 56:28 53.73Debut
579 Linda StathamF4024 138 56:35 57.02Copper
588 Gill CollenF558 142 56:43 66.72Bronze
660 Alison BrownF4033 190 59:06 54.68Debut
661 Linda WheatF4034 191 59:06 54.24
714 Bryan ForthM4077 493 1:01:38:47.59
829 Keith BrownM5059 534 1:07:56:46.71
831 Sarah MatthewsF3548 295 1:08:09:45.03
832 Alison LysonsF5022 296 1:08:09:51.37

17th August 2014

There was a large turnout for this local and despite the heavy showers before the race everyone got around the course. The course itself was different from last year and seemed slightly longer hence the subdue times.

Birchwood 10K

Warrington Road Runners Group

Pos. Name Cat. Cat. Pos. Chip Time Age Grade%
135 Daniel Green MV40 19 41:41 69.09%
137 Jim Dawson MV50 15 41:44 74.50%
159 Russ Platt MV45 14 42:19 71.71%
186 Alan Grehan MS 92 43:15 63.38%
200 Andrew Holland MS 97 43:48 61.67%
207 Luke Potts MS 98 44:07 62.30%
213 Stephen Bowden MV55 9 44:20 74.45%
230 Stephen Anderson MS 106 44:53 61.52%
294 Anthony Bell MV50 32 46:51 66.48%
320 Vince Struelens MV40 45 47:30 61.72%
326 Diana Blackshaw FS 17 47:35 56.89%
343 Keith Brown MV50 36 47:55 66.07%
388 Ben Logan MS 153 48:51 56.99%
405 Kevin Dickson MV45 35 49:19 60.17%
449 Fleur Evans FV40 6 50:25 55.45%
668 Sarah Walls FS 53 57:47 46.80%
672 Bryan Forth MV40 81 57:53 50.45%
720 Shelley Walsh FV60 7 1:00:13 57.68%

18thAugust 2013

It was a fine day for running and another impresive turnout. PBs were recorded by Pete, Steve, Jerry, Russ, Andrew Holland, Jude and Brian, and there were fine debuts by Andrew Dalton, Anil and Sara.

PosNameCatCat PosTimeAge Grade%
33Pete AckerleyMS2636:3876.98%
41Steven ThompsonMS3137:1172.28%
71Jerry CollMS4938:5471.96%
78Jim DawsonMV50439:1878.11%
115Russ PlattMV45540:5273.34%
132Andrew DaltonMV401942:0069.72%
141Andrew HollandMS8542:1963.61%
155Ian EdgeMV501443:1171.08%
217Billy O'BrienMV551145:25 72.24%
218Jude PeckFV35245:2460.76%
284Anil JangraMS12947:4156.31%
313Martin CatterallMS14048:3357.66%
454Sara JohnstonFS3352:5450.81%
568Bryan ForthMV405957:0950.46%

There are some photos on Flikr.

19thAugust 2012

128Keith Brown40:47
144Jim Dawson41:24
172Russ Platt42:27
206Daniel Green43:40
348Nikki Chamberlain48:03
412Mark Molloy49:27
609Martin Catterall54:53
747Bryan Forth58:49

There are some photos on Filkr.

19thAugust 2011

Pos Name Time
93 Jim Dawson 39:29
115 Mark Byrne 40:42
120 Daniel Green 40:51
132 Russ Platt 41:18
134 Keith Brown 41:21
186 Paul Crawley 43:49
194 Alan Wheelhouse 44:10
287 Nikki Chamberlain 47:53
308 Larry Crawley 48:52
395 Martin Catterall 52:29

23rdAug 2010

99Jim Dawson40:17
135Neil Cliffe42:03
136Ian Edge42:19
152Sean McCann42:33
213Keith Brown44:43
301Simon Allen48:17
344Nikki Chamberlain49:30
388Gill Collen50:36
400Mark Malloy50:58
632Diane Whitfield1:00:20

23rdAug 2009

125Mark Jones40:02
132Andy Gibbons40:17
165Neil Hankinson41:22
170Neil Cliffe41:46
178Jim Dawson41:43
187Chris Hampson42:02
196Keith Brown42:29
224Dave Gallimore43:34
227Dave Beck43:34
229Paul Crawley43:42
263Tony Bell44:32
346Ian Barwise46:28
356John Houghton46:40
512Gill Collen50:50
562Jo Johnstone51:48
612Shelly Walsh53:26
817Carol Fell1:03:11

17thAug 2008

120Andrew Collins40:00
130Sean McCann40:19
180Jim Dawson42:13
190Keith Brown42:34
201Fergus Wiseman42:47
209Kevin Dickson43:00
279Shirley Anderson45:57
327David Beck47:24
338Julia Wrigglesworth47:44
446Richard Hoe51:06
512Karen Rigby53:40
552Diane Whitfield55:04

19thAug 2007

165Ian Edge41:13
173Keith Brown41:30
207Sean McCann42:28
240Andrew Collins43:16
283Kemmel Atkinson44:03
352Larry Crawley46:39
414Mark Molloy48:21
452Mhairi Gass49:29
552Stephen Scully53:05
710Carol Fell59:29
752Susan Manuel1:01:56

20thAug 2006

51Paul Boileau36:57
69Roderick Johnston37:57
95Paul Glover38:48
162Ian Edge41:26
172Neil Cliffe41:48
180Sean McCann41:59
193Helen Dawkins42:15
225Keith Brown43:12
286Philip Mahoney44:35
370Julia Wrigglesworth47:17
409Adele Cockcroft48:39
452Heather Glover49:47
492Robin Greenwood51:23
514Helen Adam52:12
532Peter Medlicott52:58
543Diane Whitfield53:29
546Anne Bevan53:44