Dunham Massey 5K

There are two races a Dunham Massey as part of the Cheshire Grand Prix 5K Series. Both are entirely contained within the park, cover the same ground but have different start and finish and go in opposite directions. The races are part of the North Cheshire 5k Grand Prix which a series of five 5k races organised by Spectrum Striders RC and Altrincham & District AC. See Spectrum Striders website for more details.


8th June 2023

Dunham Massey#2
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
136Keith BrownM60810524:0366.94BronzeSB
168Martin BerryM451211825:4356.51Copper

25th May 2023

Dunham Massey#1
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
33Matt SandersonM5063119:4875.08SilverFirst Timer
123Keith BrownM6068724:1966.21Bronze
145Tarja BarnesF5095026:2265.49BronzeSB

23rd May 2019

Dunham Massey 5K
107Anne GregoryF4522:5571.35Silver
143Frances LennonF4524:5065.1BronzePB

14th June 2018

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
35Colin KennedyM5033118:5379.96Gold
55Bobbie LomaxF402719:5077.98GoldPB
188Karen EvansF5085729:1259.13Copper
189Sarah-marie DunneF145829:1250.57

24th May 2018

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
25Perry MooreM4562518:2477.26Gold
47Colin KennedyM5044419:3776.98Gold
68Bobbie LomaxF403820:4574.54GoldDebut
116Keith BrownM5579723:1566.45Bronze
150Frances LennonF4543525:1963.2BronzeDebut
201Sarah-marie DunneF115730:0649.06

15th June 2017

Dunham Massey#2
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
106Aaron PerryM279221:4859.56CopperDebut
128Martin BerryM401910422:5460.7Copper

25th May 2017

Dunham Massey#1
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%Standard
21Steven ThompsonM92118:1372.1Silver
26Jerry CollM4052518:5772.82Silver
144Sarah MatthewsF35113527:1354.99Copper

16th June 2016

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
17Jerry CollM4031718:0076.2Gold
39Lewis JohnstonM113819:4365.85BronzePB
52Jim DawsonM5064920:0775.06Silver
62Neil CliffeM5535620:2874.92Silver
68Andrew GerrardM5096020:4272.38Silver
72Jim HaddockM40126320:5667.36BronzePB
76Keith BrownM50116521:1071.89Silver
84Kevin GillibrandM50127321:3868.72SilverPB

27th May 2016

18Steven ThompsonM17:4373.85Silver
25Jerry CollM4018:0375.99Gold
133Keith BrownM5023:1765.35Bronze

11th June 2015

Hugh turnout for ths popular race at Dunham Massey. It was a lovely summers evening, perhaps too nice and warn to produce PBs!

26Steven ThompsonM18:2670.39Silver
45Tom GreavesM19:2866.75Bronze
58John WalshM4020:0368.89Bronze
68Daniel GreenM4020:3067.80Bronze
72Keith BrownM5020:3673.88Silver
78Luke PottsM20:5064.00Bronze
81Chris JacksonM20:5563.03Bronze
85Russ PlattM4520:5870.18Silver
99Stephen BowdenM5521:2274.38Silver
100Steven NokesM21:2762.60Copper
108Jim HaddockM4021:4564.28BronzeDebut
118Alan GrehanM22:1559.22Copper
125Andrew HollandM22:2857.98Copper
134Tarja BarnesF4522:4770.68Silver
142Will MageeM22:5558.10Copper
196Linda StathamF4025:2062.03Bronze
199Denise GrehanF3525:3558.56CopperDebut
229Alison LysonsF5027:3861.66Bronze
236Sarah MatthewsF3528:1752.90
237Claire BennettF28:5051.34
251Sarah MilnerF31:5246.44

On the run at Dunham Massey

Note: The course was lenghtened slight this year as the organisers had realised that the course was sort of 5K.

21st May 2015

18Steven ThompsonM18:5068.89Silver
41John WalshM4019:5369.43SilverDebut
45Jim DawsonM5020:1274.23Silver
48Russ PlattM4520:2971.80Silver
53Keith BrownM5020:3573.91Silver
65Luke PottsM21:0463.27Bronze
68Will MageeM21:1162.83Bronze
73Neil CliffeM5021:2071.91Silver
82Andrew HollandM21:3660.29Copper
84Stephen BowdenM5521:3873.43Silver
160Miranda NeweyF27:0854.55PB
165Sarah MilnerF27:3953.53Debut

19th June 2014: Dunham Massey 5K

It was warm pleasant summers evening for the second race around Dunham Massey, this time starting in the Park and finishing in front of the house.

There were PB for Pete, Jerry, Chris, Luke, Tarja Sarah, and Steven, and a debut for Jonathan. in addition several club records were broken, these where:

  • V45 Ladies record by Tarja,
  • V40 Mens record by Pete,
  • V55 Mens record by Steven.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
17Pete AckerleyMale Vet 4017.1279.78%
27Jerry CollSenior Man17.5675.13%
68Keith BrownMale Vet 5019.4476.11%
77Daniel GreenMale Vet 4019.5569.19%
79Jim DawsonMale Vet 5019.5774.55%
89Chris JacksonSenior Man20.3363.94%
103Jonathan NobleMale Vet 4020.5465.41%
104Luke PottsSenior Man20.5763.21%
110Tarja BarnesLady Vet 4521.0165.92%
114Andrew HollandSenior Man21.0661.60%
117Stephen BowdenMale Vet 5521.0974.00%
155Sarah MatthewsSenior Lady25.5450.24%
209Donna GirvanSenior Lady29.2144.16%

5th June 2014: Dunham Massey 5K

First 5K race at Dunham Massey saw PBs from Pete, Chris, Luke , Stephen, Fleur and Sarah.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
6Pete AckerleyMale Vet 4017:3178.16%
23Jerry CollSenior Man18:0075.24%
39Steven ThompsonSenior Man19:0967.67%
49Russ PlattMale Vet 4519:4573.92%
61Daniel GreenMale Vet 4020:1968.19%
63Jim DawsonMale Vet 5020:3072.97%
70Chris JacksonSenior Man20:5162.92%
85Stephen Park BowdenMale Vet 5521:32-
87Luke PottsSenior Man21:3661.19%
94Andrew HollandSenior Man21:5659.20%
114Anil JangraSenior Man23:0655.84%
120Fleur EvansLady Vet 4023:1857.71%
125Martin CatterallSenior Man23:2357.87%
141Keith BrownMale Vet 5024:0562.72%
172Sarah WallsSenior Lady26:4448.63%

There are some photos on Flikr.

13th June 2013 - Results

Back to Dunham Massey for the second race there. This time the course was reversed and it seems a faster course. Good turnout from WRR members with some good times, PBs for Pete, Ste, Andrew (who ducked under the magical 20 minutes) and a fine debut by Donna. Results below:

25Pete Ackerley17.32
29Steven Thompson17.42
61Jim Dawson19.21
64Russ Platt19.28
71Andrew Holland19.43
80Mark Byrne20.23
94Keith Brown20.45
210Donna Girvan31.19

24th May 2013 - Results

The first of the 5K North Cheshire races was held at Dunham Massey on a cold and windy Friday night. There was a good turnout, with excellent debuts from Pete and Steve.

20Pete Ackerley17.52
24Steve Thompson18.04
53Mark Byrne19.51
54Daniel Bossward19.52
60Jim Dawson20.04
67Daniel Green20.15
76Keith Brown20.40
100Billy O' Brien21.55

17th June 2012 - Results

The second race at Dunham Massey, this time we ran the opposite way round, this seemed faster and the performances reflect this. Well done to Tracy for being the first ladies vet home and for setting a new PB/club record as well.

Pos Name Time
50 Tracy Entwistle 18:39
57 Jim Dawson 19:12
61 Russ Platt 19:29
62 Keith Brown 19:31
71 Mark Davies 19:49
149 Martin Catterall 23:04
152 Nikki Chamberlain 23:28

25th May 2012 - Results

The first of the Dunham Massey 5K races was on a hot and windy Friday evening, this did not stop Tracy setting a new PB and club record. Tracy was also the overall ladies winner.

Pos Name Time
48 Tracy Entwistle 19:19
54 Jim Dawson 19:33
66 Mark Byrne 20:03
74 Russ Platt 20:16
84 Mark Davies 20:27
123 Keith Brown 21:43
164 Martin Catterall 23:29
174 Nikki Chamberlain 24:13

Photos of this race are on Flikr.

17th June 2011 - Results

48Jim Dawson18:55
53Russ Platt19:13
57Tracy Entwistle19:31

27th May 2011 - Results

63Jim Dawson18:55
67Mark Byrne19:04
69Daniel Green19:07
71Russ Platt19:17
75Tracy Entwistle19:22

17th June 2010 - Results

89Jim Dawson20:38
96Keith Brown20:57
208Carol Fell31:06

28th May 2010 - Results

61Keith Brown19:29
66Neil Hankinson19:36
77Dave Gallimore19:58
110John Houghton21:39
203Carol Fell31:23

12th June 2009 - Results

54Keith Brown19.35
59Jim Dawson19.44
93John Houghton21.25
179Carol Fell29.34

27th May 2009 - Results

65Dave Gallimore19:49
76Keith Brown20:15
77Jim Dawson20:15
178Carol Fell29:44

23th May 2008 - Results

65Mark Jones19.04
86Keith Brown19.53
98Jim Dawson20.22
111Chris Hampson20.52
131John Houghton21.36
146Larry Crawley22.14
220Carol Fell30.04