English Half Marathon and 10K

18th September 2016

A chilly start led to a sunny and warn English Half Marathon. There was a large turnout from the clubs and 14 members achieved a PB including Mark who also set a new club record.

Before the EHM

English Half Marathon
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
22Mark HeaveyM459221:21:1776.83GoldPB and Club Record
27Tom GreavesM14261:21:5371.3SilverPB
29Steven ThompsonM16281:22:1071.08SilverPB
45Pete AckerleyM4017441:24:2972.1Silver
59Jerry CollM4021591:26:1970.03Silver
91Richard BoltonM4031911:28:4169.84SilverPB
94Russ PlattM508931:29:0773.11Silver
129Michael MonaghanM691251:31:1665.38BronzeDebut
170Luke PottsM891611:34:0063.14Bronze
187Neil CliffeM55151731:34:3972.62SilverClub Record
230Jim HaddockM40752151:36:2064.29BronzePB
251Ben SuttonM1282351:37:1260.79BronzePB
270Ben GentM40932501:37:4362.85BronzeDebut
278John WalshM40952531:37:5762.19Bronze
308Will MageeM1492781:38:4659.82Copper
367Steve AndersonM1763321:41:0158.75Copper
393Kevin GillibrandM50363461:41:5864.45Bronze
426Anne GregoryF4514371:42:3269.12SilverPB
426Anne GregoryF4514371:42:3269.12SilverPB
481Simon StockmanM451464181:44:2461.86BronzePB
483Mike McMahonM50484221:44:3263.42BronzeDebut
496Martin BerryM401484261:44:5158.1Copper
562Sean FarrellyM50735481:46:4862.08BronzePB
592Ben LoganM2645301:47:2855.52Copper
758Linda StathamF4535841:51:0163.2BronzePB
791Denise GrehanF35551021:51:5759.28CopperPB
973Ian WilliamsM3828181:56:0050.46Debut
1056Miranda NeweyF1141961:58:1055.19CopperPB
1076Elaine MountfordF55182051:58:3168.27Silver
1084Lindsey AndersF1302231:58:4055.08CopperPB
1232Alison BrownF45902752:02:0157.51CopperPB
1266Eleanor SmithF1722982:02:4353.18Debut
1387Catherine WakefieldF55303502:06:4363.86BronzePB
1403Steph FosterF50313522:07:0761.26BronzeDebut
1436Tony SudworthM5515610452:08:0254.18Copper
1450Pippa GidmanF2213842:08:1952.41Debut
1540Sue WaltersF55414182:10:5261.83Bronze
1546Diane WhitfieldF55434312:11:0462.55Bronze
1689Jenny SmithF401795122:15:1950.55
1691Roger KnightM4543811962:15:2246.52
1705Lisa McKennaF2765172:15:2248.17
1773Bryan ForthM4544812272:17:4245.35
1823Sarah MatthewsF353175982:20:3347.03
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
75Tarja BarnesF4551546:2971.21Silver
361Liane ClarkeF501917259:2059.16CopperPB

20th September 2015

Another big turnout for this popular local half marathon in excellent running conditions. Well done to Tom, Andrew D, Luke, Will, April, Neil, Jenny and Denise for producing PBs and to all those doing their first half marathon. Also congratulations to Neil Cliffe's son Danny for winning it again and to old boy Matt for coming third.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
38 Tom GreavesM26 35 1:23:1371.58SilverPB
39 Pete AckerleyM409 37 1:23:1775.24Gold
78 Andrew DaltonM4517 74 1:26:4475.23GoldPB
86 Steven ThompsonM56 80 1:27:1367.90Silver
88 Jerry CollM4021 83 1:27:3470.52Silver
160 Luke PottsM88 150 1:31:1966.08BronzePB
180 Russ PlattM4544 166 1:32:3272.35Silver
207Daniel GreenM40561931:34:1766.85Bronze
232 Neil CliffeM5526 215 1:35:2873.34Silver
285 Martin CatterallM4080 263 1:37:2263.50Bronze
289Will MageeM1522721:37:4261.68Bronze
313Nick AvraamM40882921:38:2363.41Bronze
344 Will CharlesM176 315 1:39:0659.79CopperPB
383 Jim HaddockM40111 353 1:40:0163.41BronzeDebut
412Kevin GillibrandM50423711:40:5166.54BronzeDebut
467Martin BerryM401344181:42:0061BronzeDebut
517Chris WheatM401524581:43:4659.63CopperDebut
549 Simon StockmanM45167 486 1:44:3762.99BronzeDebut
635 Ben LoganM274 549 1:46:3757.22Copper
651 Ian SeaburyM40203 559 1:47:0758.38CopperDebut
674Neil SimpsonM2895781:48:1556.54CopperPB
707April WilkinsonF701181:48:2261.06BronzePB
729Tony SudworthM55726171:49:2664.58Bronze
824Jenny SmithF40461361:51:5561.42BronzePB
862 Denise GrehanF3583 137 1:51:5959.57CopperPB
863 Alan GrehanM347 705 1:52:0053.33
1021 Elaine MountfordF5514 235 1:55:0170.68SilverDebut
1063 Roger KnightM45308 837 1:55:4655.66Copper
1192 Linda StathamF4088 257 1:58:2159.20Copper
1207Melanie HealdF351642801:59:2355.91CopperDebut
1373 Jonathan NobleM40368 1002 2:03:0050.70Debut
1418Alison BrownF401303722:04:5556.19CopperDebut
1419Linda WheatF401313732:04:5655.72CopperDebut
1419Sue WaltersF55273712:04:5164.96BronzeDebut
1586Lisa McKennaF2634572:09:3850.78
1640 Sarah MatthewsF35296 516 2:09:3951.38
1680 Diane WhitfieldF5540 497 2:10:2962.60Bronze
1873Bryan ForthM40274572:18:4246.03
1887 Richard BoltonM40449 1243 2:19:3245.35
1915Steph FosterF50576442:21:0254.95Debut

English Half Marathon

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
37 Andrew GerrardM505 31 43:2571.50SilverDebut
88Mark DaviesM50126949:1762.33BronzeDebut
164 Miranda NeweyF29 51 53:1456.99CopperPB
271Wendy GidmanF453310658:0757.91CopperDebut
305 Claire BennettF56 98 59:2151.12Debut

21st September 2014

A great turnout on a lovely day for running saw some good performances by club members. Dan managed a PB and there were fine debuts by Tom, Alan, Grehan and Tony.

Half Marathon Results

Pos. Name Gender Pos. Cat. Cat. Pos. Chip Time Age Grade%
56 Tom Greaves 53 MS 22 1:26:43 69.13%
83 Nik Avraam 83 MV40 18 1:29:18 69.13%
84 Chris Lydon 81 MS 36 1:29:19 66.39%
88 Russ Platt 83 MV45 6 1:29:51 73.46%
92 Daniel Green 88 MV40 20 1:30:12 69.24%
281 Alan Grehan 257 MS 101 1:39:24 59.95%
294 Tracy Entwistle 27 FV40 3 1:40:19 61.94%
319 Tony Bell 286 MV50 20 1:40:44 67.36%
375 Jacqui Faulder 41 FV40 5 1:42:38 60.37%
505 Tony Sudworth 441 MV55 18 1:45:18 67.93%
667 Vince Struelens 562 MV40 118 1:50:41 57.97%
847 Alan Wheelhouse 693 MV45 88 1:54:55 56.72%
1725 Sarah Matthews 572 FS 227 2:17:29 43.48%

10K Results

Pos. Name Gender Pos. Cat. Cat. Pos. Chip Time Age Grade%
12 Luke Potts 12 MV35 3 44:30 62.05%
15 Steven Nokes 15 MV35 5 45:20 61.71%
22 Andrew Holland 22 MS 11 46:37 57.90%
52Ian Peters48MS1849:4055.18%
175 Shelley Walsh 52 FV55 6 58:18 60.22%

8th September 2013

There was a great turnout for this half marathon in ideal weather conditions. Steve, Jerry and Roger made impressive debuts whilst Andrew D, Andrew H, Anil and Brian all recorded PBs, well done to all. Results below:


PosNameCatCat PosTimeAge Grade%
36Steven ThompsonMSNR2301:24:4269.91%
77Jerry CollMSNR4801:27:3269.39%
81Jim DawsonM50701:28:3775.56%
90Nik AvraamMSNR5601:29:1168.63%
124Mark ByrneM403101:31:5168.78%
137Andrew DaltonM403501:32:4168.72%
250Daniel GreenM406701:37:5063.06%
269Billy O'BrienM502401:39:3672.15%
296Lynden JamesMSNR16301:39:2760.64%
308Jill FraserF401101:41:0564.10%
352Andrew HollandMSNR18501:42:1157.95%
452Anil JangraMSNR22401:46:5955.35%
611Martin CatterallMSNR28301:51:3554.43%
695Roger KnightM4020501:53:2455.71%
1068Bryan ForthM4027602:06:0649.70%
1232Diane WhitfieldF502102:12:2154.02%
1477Paul GurneyMSNR52502:37:3838.26%

September 8th, 2012

Tracy stormed ahead to win her category in a time of 1:24:01 and also set a PB and club record for the distance. There where also PBs for Mark Davies and Nikki. Well done to all!

Cat. PosName(s)PosGun TimeChip PosChip Time
1Tracy Entwistle271:24:05271:24:01
15Russ Platt691:30:08701:30:02
8Keith Brown821:32:32851:32:25
73Mark Davies1181:35:311211:35:25
8Nikki Chamberlain2711:44:412801:44:07
85Mark Byrne3841:50:013661:48:12
324Martin Catterall6362:00:286281:58:38
191Brian Forth8672:12:518632:10:47
12Diane Whitfield8012:11:218262:10:29

There are some photos in the gallery.

Sunday 18th September, 2011

37Mark Byrne1:27:43
49Russ Platt1:28:29
128Alan Wheelhouse1:34:08
587Martin Hall1:52:45
766Heather Glover1:58:24
1092Helen Roberts2:12:44
1096Diane Whitfield2:12:58

Sunday 3rd October, 2010

86Neil Cliffe01:32:38
138David Gallimore01:35:28
166Ian Edge01:36:52
406Fergus Wiseman01:45:01
920Gemma Buckley01:57:01
893Martin Hall01:56:31
1564Carol Fell02:23:08