Hollins Green 5K

Part the Cheshire 5K Grand Prix Series races, this starts in Hollins Green near the war memorial. The course heads out to Glazebrook before retracing its path along minor roads.

23rd June 2019

84Elaine MountfordF6024:1476.48GoldPB and Club Record

24th June 2018

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%Standard
40Bobbie LomaxF403620:0976.76Gold
139Sarah-marie DunneF84929:3549.92
140Karen EvansF50105029:3558.37Copper

17th June 2017

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%Standard
6Tom GreavesM3617:2974.26Gold
16Mark HeaveyM4531618:1278.11Gold

14th June 2016

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
19Jerry CollM4041917:4877.06GoldPB
34Perry MooreM4083318:3975.07SilverPB
181Wendy GidmanF4594426:3961.35BronzePB
206Bryan ForthM452314629:5447.55
207Sarah MatthewsF35116129:5449.83

13th June 2015

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
28Tom GreavesM112718:5768.57Silver
50Russ PlattM4584419:5773.76Silver
65Luke PottsM195420:3864.63Bronze
68Will MageeM205620:4963.96BronzePB
76Steven NokesM216321:0063.94Bronze
87Andrew HollandM226921:3760.26Copper
133Elaine MountfordF5523625:1472.16SilverDebut
148Bryan ForthM401810327:5150.52

14th June 2014

A rescheduled Hollins Green race saw a depleted turn-out but well done to Bryan who set a PB.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
41Keith BrownMale Vet 5019:4176.42%
46Jim DawsonMale Vet 5020:0074.48%
117Bryan ForthMale Vet 4025:4754.27%

1st June 2013 - Results

A bright sunny Saturday afternoon saw a good turn out for the second race of the 5K series, results below

26Steve Thompson17:54
59Russ Platt19:26
64Jim Dawson19:39
76Mark Byrne20:14
89Andrew Holland20:40
144Anil Jangra23:06
147Martin Catterall23:19
205Bryan Forth27:19

3rd June 2012 - Results

Second of the 5K Series, the Hollins Green race was on a much cooler day and performances benefited from this.

Pos Name Time
68 Jim Dawson 19:10
75 Mark Byrne 19:36
77 Russ Platt 19:40
95 Mark Davies 20:17
117 Mike Wheelhouse 20:44
165 Billy O'Brien 22:11
185 Martin Catterall 22:50
245 Brian Forth 27:35

4th June 2011 - Results

68Jim Dawson00:19:28
71Russ Platt00:19:50
75Tracy Entwistle00:20:01

5th June 2010 - Results

91Keith Brown00:20:06
202Mark Molloy00:25:32
242Carol Fell00:31:40

30th May 2009 - Results

39Mark Jones18:49
65Keith Brown19:46
80Chris Hampson20:20
85David Beck20:33
87Jim Dawson20:42
89Tony Bell20:52
115Ian Barwise22:10
122Richard Hoe22:41
143Gillian Collen24:18
145Mark Molloy24:25
152Shelly Walsh25:13
179Carol Fell29:51

31st May 2008 - Results

56Andy Collins19:13
68Mark Jones19:26
72Keith Brown19:32
103Jim Dawson20:33
112Tony Bell20:50
133Richard Hoe21:30
142Shirley Anderson21:50
181Gill Collen24:09
190Alison Lysons24:44
222Carol Fell29:54
230Shirley Walsh34:06