Hollins Green 5K

The second of the Cheshire 5K Grand Prix Series races, this starts in Hollins Green near the war memorial. The course does a short tour of Hollins Green before heading out to Glazebrook. After about a mile it turns left and works its way back to Hollins Green along minor roads.

14th June 2016

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
19Jerry CollM4041917:4877.06GoldPB
34Perry MooreM4083318:3975.07SilverPB
181Wendy GidmanF4594426:3961.35BronzePB
206Bryan ForthM452314629:5447.55
207Sarah MatthewsF35116129:5449.83

13th June 2015

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
28Tom GreavesM112718:5768.57Silver
50Russ PlattM4584419:5773.76Silver
65Luke PottsM195420:3864.63Bronze
68Will MageeM205620:4963.96BronzePB
76Steven NokesM216321:0063.94Bronze
87Andrew HollandM226921:3760.26Copper
133Elaine MountfordF5523625:1472.16SilverDebut
148Bryan ForthM401810327:5150.52

14th June 2014

A rescheduled Hollins Green race saw a depleted turn-out but well done to Bryan who set a PB.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
41Keith BrownMale Vet 5019:4176.42%
46Jim DawsonMale Vet 5020:0074.48%
117Bryan ForthMale Vet 4025:4754.27%

1st June 2013 - Results

A bright sunny Saturday afternoon saw a good turn out for the second race of the 5K series, results below

26Steve Thompson17:54
59Russ Platt19:26
64Jim Dawson19:39
76Mark Byrne20:14
89Andrew Holland20:40
144Anil Jangra23:06
147Martin Catterall23:19
205Bryan Forth27:19

3rd June 2012 - Results

Second of the 5K Series, the Hollins Green race was on a much cooler day and performances benefited from this.

Pos Name Time
68 Jim Dawson 19:10
75 Mark Byrne 19:36
77 Russ Platt 19:40
95 Mark Davies 20:17
117 Mike Wheelhouse 20:44
165 Billy O'Brien 22:11
185 Martin Catterall 22:50
245 Brian Forth 27:35

4th June 2011 - Results

68Jim Dawson00:19:28
71Russ Platt00:19:50
75Tracy Entwistle00:20:01

5th June 2010 - Results

91Keith Brown00:20:06
202Mark Molloy00:25:32
242Carol Fell00:31:40

30th May 2009 - Results

39Mark Jones18:49
65Keith Brown19:46
80Chris Hampson20:20
85David Beck20:33
87Jim Dawson20:42
89Tony Bell20:52
115Ian Barwise22:10
122Richard Hoe22:41
143Gillian Collen24:18
145Mark Molloy24:25
152Shelly Walsh25:13
179Carol Fell29:51

31st May 2008 - Results

56Andy Collins19:13
68Mark Jones19:26
72Keith Brown19:32
103Jim Dawson20:33
112Tony Bell20:50
133Richard Hoe21:30
142Shirley Anderson21:50
181Gill Collen24:09
190Alison Lysons24:44
222Carol Fell29:54
230Shirley Walsh34:06