Results Archive 2014

28th December: Stadt Moers Cross Country

It was a very cold crisp morning for the third cross country race of the season. The running was hard due to the ground being frozen, but in spite of this the combined ladies team came first and the mens came 5th.


38Pete Ackerley36Tarja Barnes
41Tom Greaves46Gill Collen
68Jim Dawson50Susan Alltree
91Steve Bowden61Sarah Matthews
108Martin Catterall
148Bryan Forth

Team Results

Mens "A" Teams (6 Runners)
1Knowsley Harriers 'A'11016
2Liverpool RC 'A'11415
3Penny Lane Striders 'A'11614
4Mersey Tri 'A'14713
5 Helsby, Lymm & Warrington 'A' 15812
6 Spectrum Striders 'A'29011
7Skem & Parbold 'A' 53010
8Birkenhead & Pensby 'A'5379
9Liverpool Harriers 'A'468 (Only 4 Ran)8
10Newburgh Nomads 'A'716 (Only 4 Ran)7
11 Delamere Spartans 600 (Only 3 Ran) 6
12 Ellesmere Port RC 839 (Only 3 Ran) 5
13 Chester Tri 744 (Only 2 Ran) 4
14 St Helens Striders 928 (Only 1 Ran) 3
Ladies "A" Teams (3 Runners)
1Helsby, Lymm & Warrington 'A' 1616
2Spectrum Striders 'A' 2615
3Birkenhead & Pensby 'A'3214
4Knowsley Harriers 'A'3713
5Penny Lane Striders 'A'5612
6Skem & Parbold 'A'5611
7Delamere Spartans 'A'12010
8Mersey Tri 'A'1429
9Widnes Wasps 'A'1778
10Ellesmere Port RC 'A'113 (Only 2 Ran)7
11 Liverpool RC 'A' 155 (Only 2 Ran)6
12Liverpool Harriers 'A' 154 (Only 1 Ran)5
13Chester Tri 'A' 156 (Only 1 Ran) 4
14St Helens Striders 'A'210 (Only 1 Ran)3
 Past results
Warrington Park Run#50
51Bryan Forth30:1946.07 %

25th December: Warrington Park Run#49

First Christmas Day Park Run in Warrington saw a good turnout from WRR - no doubt working up an appetite for Christmas Lunch!

8Tom Greaves19:1267.88 %
13Jim Dawson20:1873.23 %New PB
16Alan Grehan20:4963.01 %New PB
19David Gallimore21:0665.17 %Debut
24Stephen Bowden21:2073.91 %
27Andrew Holland21:3760.14 %
31Martin Catterall21:5761.73 %
110Alison Lysons29:4856.26 %
111Paul Gurney29:5045.08 %Debut

21st December: Winter Handicap

Well done to Susan and Alan for being the first lady man home on this years winter handicap. Reasonable running conditions encouraged a good turnout this year, thanks also to Sarah for providing the handicap times and Martin for timekeeping on the day.

Finish PosNameM/FStart TimeFinish TimeRun PosRun Time
1Susan AlltreeF10:07:151:02:57130:55:42
2Alan GrehanM10:21:451:06:0480:44:19
3Luke PottsM10:21:151:06:32100:45:17
4Russ PlattM10:24:301:06:4240:42:12
5Daniel GreenM10:24:451:07:0450:42:19
6Sarah MatthewsF10:11:001:07:13140:56:13
7Tom GreavesM10:26:301:07:2730:40:57
8Jim DawsonM10:24:151:07:2960:43:14
9Bryan ForthM10:11:151:07:40150:56:25
10Stephen BowdenM10:22:451:07:4290:44:57
11Chris JacksonM10:22:151:07:56110:45:41
12Keith BrownM10:24:451:08:4170:43:56
13Tony BellM10:19:301:08:59120:49:29
14Pete AckerleyM10:29:151:09:0710:39:52
15Steven ThompsonM10:28:151:09:1220:40:57
16Roger KnightM10:14:451:11:24160:56:39
17Shelley WalshF10:09:151:19:00171:09:45
Past Results
Warrington Park Run#48
PosGen PosNameTimeAge%Notes
8118Sarah Matthews29:4250.17 %
8264Bryan Forth29:4347.00 %

14th December: Warrington Park Run #47

PosGen PosNameTimeAge%Notes
549Jude Peck27:2955.67 %

7th December: Tatton Yule Yomp And Warrington Park Run

It was a cold frosty but sunny morning for the Warrington Park Run on Saturday, and in contrast it was wet and windy for the Tatton Yule Yomp and the Stockport 10 Mile on Sunday. But we keep on running whatever the weather!

Tatton Yule Yomp
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge Grade%
48 Jim Dawson MV50 47 8 43:38 71.01%
101 Andrew Holland MS 96 38 47:37 56.83%
353 Denise Grehan FS 78 37 55:42 -
Stockport 10 Mile
PosNameGen PosCat PosTimeAge Grade%
114 Victoria Walls 7 2 1:06:30 -
203 Jude Peck 23 2 1:10:26 65.14%
359 Chris Jackson 314 57 1:15:43 59.22%
Warrington Park Run#46
PosGen PosNameTimeAge%Notes
99Stephen Bowden22:1570.86 %
2523Tony Sudworth24:5361.75 %
5344Bryan Forth28:2249.24 %

30th November: Arrowe Park Cross Country

The Arrowe Park race was held on a fine autumnal morning, the course was different from last year in that it was in reverse and had an extra bit in the middle. The condition were "squelchy" underfoot which made the running harder, despite this 15 members completed the course.

Arrowe Park XC


24Pete Ackerley52Gill Collen
30Steve Thompson66Susan Alltree
70Chris Lydon69Alison Lyson
75Jim Dawson73Sarah Matthews
80Dan Green
102Ian Edge
114Luke Potts
115Dave Gallimore
126Martin Catterall
173Bryan Forth
175Paul Guerny

Overall the men's team (combined with Lymm & Helsby) were 2=, which is the best placing for a long time whilst the ladies were 9th.

Team Standings

Penny Lane Striders80Spectrum Striders18
Helsby/Lymm/Warrington RR126Birkenhead/Pensby26
Liverpool RC126Knowsley Harriers40
Mersey Tri145Liverpool RC65
Knowsley Harriers159Ellesmere Port RC74
Spectrum Striders282Penny Lane Striders85
Delamere Spartans369Skem BH/Parbold PP88
Birkenhead/Pensby445Delamere Spartans113
Skem BH/Parbold PP574Helsby/Lymm/Warrington RR114
Newburgh Nomads711Widnes Wasps209
Ellesmere Port RC716Liverpool Harriers102
Chester Tri???Active Women Running158
Liverpool Harriers944Mersey Tri166
St Helens Striders1034St Helens Striders183
Chester Tri191

Past results.

Warrington Park Run#45

PosGen PosNameTimeAge%Notes
3935Stephen Bowden23:0668.25 %
8369Roger Knight26:4652.55 %
9477Bryan Forth28:3748.81 %

23rd November: Conway Half Marathon

There was a good turnout for the Conway Half Marathon with some good times despite the Great Orme, well done all!

Conway Half Marathon
Warrington Park Run


PosNameGen PosCatCat PosTimeAge Grade%
53Pete Ackerley46M40-44801:24:1174.07%
161Russ Platt138M45-491301:31:2873.00%
483Andrew Holland397MSEN13601:41:2858.37%
465Mark Byrne414M45-496201:41:0264.05%
512Steven Nokes433M35-397901:42:1759.01%
682Luke Potts557M35-3910301:45:5756.72%
885Will Charles719MSEN23401:49:38-
1148Mark Molloy905M45-4914801:55:0656.76%
1932Alison Lysons514F50-544502:15:3149.81%
1963Paul Gurney1413M35-3922402:15:3345:07%

Warrington Park Run#44

PosGen PosNameTimeAge%Notes
99Tom Greaves19:1368.60 %
8814Sarah Matthews27:0355.08 %New PB

16th November

Russ has completed the Whinlatter Off Road Duathlon taking 2hr 59:52 and Stephen Bowden ran the Leeds Abbey Dash in 42:24 (which is a new club M55 record), meanwhile a few members completed the Preston 10Miler with Martin and Sarah coming away with PBs.

Preston 10M

PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
153Martin CatterallM1:12:1264.23%
155Alan GrehanM1:12:3061.94%
232Andrew HollandM1:19:1856.03%
257Tarja BarnesFV451:21:1658.92%
384Sarah MatthewsF1:36:0746.50%

Warrington Park Run #43

PosGen PosNameTimeAge%Notes
33Steve Thompson19:0567.77 %
9718Claire Bennett28:2452.11 %New PB

9th November

Warrington Park Run #42

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%Notes
2120Chris Jackson21:0062.46 %
2221Stephen Bowden21:0374.90 %New Club Record
2322Keith Brown21:2070.86 %New PB
2928Martin Catterall22:0161.54 %
11129Claire Bennett28:5451.21 %

2nd November: Cheshire 10K and Park Run

It was the Cheshire 10K at Arley hall and there was another good turnout for this popular and well organised race. The course has a repution for being a fast course and led Andrew H, Martin, Anne to produce PBs whilst there were fine debuts by Tony, Roger and Kate.

Warrington Park Run#41

Ian in Victoria Park

Cheshire 10K

PosNameCategoryCateg PosGenderGender PosChip TimeAge Grade%
72Steven ThompsonMale42Male6538:3269.91%
142Jim DawsonV5013Male13341:2274.95%
155Andrew HollandMale84Male14441:3964.79%
192Martin CatterallMale101Male17843:0165.71%
277Anne GregoryV407Female3345:2863.18%
371Anthony SudworthV5513Male31848:0667.92%
375Ian PetersMale158Male32148:1356.77%
483Mark MolloyV4550Male38850:2159.83%
606Roger KnightV4084Male46352:1356.38%
1022Catherine WakefieldV5510Female4301:04:450.00%

Warrington Park Run #41

PosGen PosNameTimeAge%Notes
1919Ian Edge21:3468.93 %
2929Liam Wilkinson22:5557.24 %
9620Susan Alltree27:3857.48 %Debut

26th October: Snowden Marathon, Clarke Gardens and more

Great turnout at Clarke Gardens for the first Cross Country race of the season, it was the biggest field ever for a cross country race with some serious mud in the middle of the wood! Meanwhile Tracy ran the Rivington Trail 26 in 3:59:48.45 and was the second lady home and Sarah ran the Fairclough 5M in 43:31.

And finally over in Ireland, Alan and Denise completed the Dublin marathon in 4:22:41.

Clarke Gardens Cross Country

Mens Ladies
50Steve Thompson29Tarja Barnes
99Chris Jackson53Fleur Evans
105Jim Dawson71Gill Collen
125Steve Bowden75Susan Alltree
126Dave Gallimore86Alison Lyson
137Martin Catterall
148Neil Cliffe
152Luke Potts
165Ian Edge
186Keith Brown
192Billy O'Brien
210Bryan Forth

Tony & Shelly also ran as guest runners.

Past Results

There are also some picture on Andy H's Flikrsite

Snowden Marathon

Congratulations to Pete and Russ for completing the Snowden Marathon.

Snowden Marathon Snowden Marathon
PosNameGenderGen PosCatCat PosTimeAge Grade%
58Pete AckerleyMale56M40+153:12:0867.59%
463Russ PlattMale406M45+803:54:0759.07%

Warrington Park Run#40

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
2019Martin Catterall21:1363.86 %
2221Stephen Bowden21:2373.73 %
304Tarja Barnes22:3470.38 %
13337Sarah Matthews29:4750.03 %
13497Bryan Forth29:5046.82 %
156104Liam Wilkinson31:3841.46 %
15753Catherine Wakefield31:4256.36 %

19th October: Green Drive 5 and Amsterdam 8K

Amsterdam Half MarathonSarah has been in Amsterdam and completed the Amsterdam 8k in 44:39, and Mark completed the Green Drive 5 Miler in 41.18, meanwhile there were just two runners for the Warrington Park Run

Warrington Park Run#39

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
2119Mark Byrne21:4764.58 %
8162Anil Jangra26:1649.11 %

12th October: Wirral Half Marathon

Wirral Half MarathonWell done to Chris and Alison for completing the Wirral Half Marathon despite the wind. Full results below:

Wirral Half Marathon

186Chris Jackson1:39:0560.06 %
911Alison Lysons2:12:1051.21 %

Warrington Park Run#38

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
66Tom Greaves19:4366.86 %
2320Luke Potts21:5560.53 %

5th October: Chester Marathon

Good running conditions at Chester saw fine debuts by Pete, Louise and Sarah and a PB for Russ, well done to all. And also running was Dan Green at the Rainford 10K who achieved a PB time of 40:21.

Pete at Chester Russ at Chester

Chester Marathon

Chip PosNameGender PosCatCat Pos Chip TimeAge Grade%
170Pete Ackerley160MV403903:08:1768.72%
213Russ Platt194MV451803:11:3972.52%
1667Louise Shannon347FSEN12704:21:0348.55%

Past Results

Chester Metric Marathon

Chip Pos NameGender Pos CatCat PosChip TimeAge Grade%
419Sarah Matthews177FSEN5502:59:0070.61%

4th October: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1615Chris Jackson21:5659.80 %
11683Liam Wilkinson32:1540.67 %
11734Catherine Wakefield32:3054.97 %

28th September: Sandstone Trail Races

Sandstone trailIt was the Sandstone trail race weekend with ideal running conditions for it, well done to all who completed either race. Also well done to Nik who produced 39:03 at the Aintree 10K and to Roger for a PB at the local park run.

Sandstone Trail 'A' Race

18Pete AckerleyMV4002:14:08
31Steven ThompsonM02:23:45
43Russ PlattMV4002:25:58
74Keith BrownMV5002:39:22
107Andrew HollandM02:56:56
111Bryan ForthMV4003:31:33

Sandstone Trail 'B' Race

17Daniel GreenMV4001:23:20
35Chris JacksonM01:31:45
61Diana BlackshawL01:39:08
81Martin CatterallM01:42:51
86Fleur EvansLV4001:44:03
140Sarah MatthewsL02:07:49

26th Septmber: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1313Tom Greaves19:1668.43 %
5651Tony Sudworth23:1066.33 %
9072Roger Knight26:1353.66 %

21st September: English Half Marathon

A great turnout on a lovely day for running saw some good performances by club members. Dan managed a PB and there were fine debuts by Tom, Alan, Grehan and Tony.

Half Marathon Results

Pos. Name Gender Pos. Cat. Cat. Pos. Chip Time Age Grade%
56 Tom Greaves 53 MS 22 1:26:43 69.13%
83 Nik Avraam 83 MV40 18 1:29:18 69.13%
84 Chris Lydon 81 MS 36 1:29:19 66.39%
88 Russ Platt 83 MV45 6 1:29:51 73.46%
92 Daniel Green 88 MV40 20 1:30:12 69.24%
281 Alan Grehan 257 MS 101 1:39:24 59.95%
294 Tracy Entwistle 27 FV40 3 1:40:19 61.94%
319 Tony Bell 286 MV50 20 1:40:44 67.36%
375 Jacqui Faulder 41 FV40 5 1:42:38 60.37%
505 Tony Sudworth 441 MV55 18 1:45:18 67.93%
667 Vince Struelens 562 MV40 118 1:50:41 57.97%
847 Alan Wheelhouse 693 MV45 88 1:54:55 56.72%
1725 Sarah Matthews 572 FS 227 2:17:29 43.48%

10K Results

Pos. Name Gender Pos. Cat. Cat. Pos. Chip Time Age Grade%
12 Luke Potts 12 MV35 3 44:30 62.05%
15 Steven Nokes 15 MV35 5 45:20 61.71%
22 Andrew Holland 22 MS 11 46:37 57.90%
52Ian Peters48MS1849:4055.18%
175 Shelley Walsh 52 FV55 6 58:18 60.22%

20th September: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
4338Liam Wilkinson24:0154.34 %
4944Tony Sudworth24:2662.89 %
8666Mark Durrington27:5547.52 %
11174Bryan Forth29:2647.45 %
11238Sarah Matthews29:2750.59 %
11642Claire Bennett29:4349.80 %

14th September: Weekend RoundUp

IronmanTarja completed the Ironman Wales in an impressive 14 hours 15 minutes and 42 seconds, her splits were:

  • Swim: 1:51:53
  • Bike: 7:03:58
  • Run: 4:55:39

Also out on the run was Bryan in South Africa, Bryan completed the Woodlands parkrun in 32:07 and finished position 111. He also got to meet Bruce Fordyce who has won Comrades 9 times. Bryan also ran the Southern Spar Fred Morrison 21km in a time of 2:18:18.

Brian and Fordyce Cheetahs

Bryan with Bruce Fordyce

The local competition get ready...

Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
272Jude Peck20:5573.15 %
5449Tony Sudworth24:3362.59 %
6863Mark Durrington25:3551.86 %
9215Shelley Walsh28:0268.25 %

6th September: Weekend RoundUp

Bryan in SA The Great North Run half marathon in Newcastle proved popular with members with six members making the trip, also on a trip was Bryan who is in South Africa. On Saturday he found a parkrun in Mudderfontein Nature Reserve, Johannesburg. Took just over 30 mins but as it was hilly, at around 5000ft and 24 degrees at 0830hrs! On Sunday he did the Gauteng Sports Challenge 21.1km which felt like constant uphill and finished in around 2 hrs 15 mins.

Also in the outback was Pete Ackerley who ran the Montane Epic Delamere 13M Trail coming in 8th overall with a time of 1:29:47.

Great North Run

PosNameFinish TimeAge Grade%
679Keith Brown01:29:2477.02%
2647Mark Byrne01:40:0263.81%
3664Tony Bell01:43:250.00%
5874Tony Sudworth01:49:0465.40%
10775Alan Grehan01:58:1950.31%
23855Sarah Matthews02:22:0042.06%

Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
77Tom Greaves18:5969.45 %
442Diana Blackshaw23:2763.75 %
5048Ian Peters24:2153.87 %

31st August: Warrington Park Run

Warrington Park RunA quiet week capped off with a few members defying the elements to do the regular Park Run on Saturday.

Warrington Park Run Results

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1413Russ Platt20:1671.63
1716Jim Dawson20:3072.52
3533Tony Bell23:1863.81
7462Roger Knight26:4352.65
8470Bryan Forth28:0849.64
9519Shelley Walsh29:2365.12

Harrock Hill Results

73Russ PlattM4543.41
77Jim DawsonM5043.52

24th August: Warrington Park Run etc.

A wet start to Saturday did not deter a good turnout at the Warrington Park Run. Also running were Russ and Andy Holland at the Capenhurst 5K where Andy produced a PB. And finally a big congratulations to Nik Avraam for completing the KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen in a time of 11:42:11.

23rd August: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1010Tom Greaves19:0868.90 %
2220Russ Platt20:2970.87 %
2422Chris Jackson20:4263.37 %
3531Andrew Holland21:5459.21 %
546Fleur Evans24:0663.83 %
7162Mark Durrington25:4351.59 %
9721Shelley Walsh29:0765.71 %
10280Bryan Forth29:2247.56 %
10323Sarah Matthews29:2250.74 %

20th August: Capenhurst 5K

Chip PosGender PosNamecatTime
8339Andrew HollandMSen19:24
8439Russ PlattMV4519:24

17th August: Birchwood 10K

There was a large turnout for this local and despite the heavy showers before the race everyone got around the course. The course itself was different from last year and seemed slightly longer hence the subdue times.

Birchwood 10K
Warrington Road Runners Group
Pos. Name Cat. Cat. Pos. Chip Time Age Grade%
135 Daniel Green MV40 19 41:41 69.09%
137 Jim Dawson MV50 15 41:44 74.50%
159 Russ Platt MV45 14 42:19 71.71%
186 Alan Grehan MS 92 43:15 63.38%
200 Andrew Holland MS 97 43:48 61.67%
207 Luke Potts MS 98 44:07 62.30%
213 Stephen Bowden MV55 9 44:20 74.45%
230 Stephen Anderson MS 106 44:53 61.52%
294 Anthony Bell MV50 32 46:51 66.48%
320 Vince Struelens MV40 45 47:30 61.72%
326 Diana Blackshaw FS 17 47:35 56.89%
343 Keith Brown MV50 36 47:55 66.07%
388 Ben Logan MS 153 48:51 56.99%
405 Kevin Dickson MV45 35 49:19 60.17%
449 Fleur Evans FV40 6 50:25 55.45%
668 Sarah Walls FS 53 57:47 46.80%
672 Bryan Forth MV40 81 57:53 50.45%
720 Shelley Walsh FV60 7 1:00:13 57.68%
Past Results

16th August: Sale Sizzler, Race the Train and Park Runs

Race the Train Several results from the past week including the Sale Sizzlers meet the Olympians event. Meanwhile over in Wales Tony was racing the train at Towyn, he spent 14 miles chasing Thomas the Tank Engine through mud, cold streams, paths across mountains and was overtaken by the 2nd train a mile from the finish. Made it in 2:10:33.

16th August: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
3736Ben Logan23:4956.05 %
12385Bryan Forth30:1946.07 %

13th August: Sale Sizzlers - Race 4

183Andrew Holland19:4965.45%
185Jim Dawson19:5175.13%

9th August: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1110Russ Platt20:2571.10 %
1513Andrew Holland21:0261.65 %
2018Luke Potts21:3161.27 %
2725Stephen Bowden22:2670.28 %
4540Ian Peters23:4855.11 %
6155Mark Durrington25:1652.51 %
12294Bryan Forth30:2845.84 %
12329Sarah Matthews30:3348.77 %

7th August: Pie and Peas 5 Miler

Pie and Peas

There was a good turn out for this race thanks to Andy's persuasion. The race was multi-terrain with a long climb near the finish, afterwards we refulled on Pie and mushy Peas!. Well done to Tarja Barnes who came first in her category.


PosCat PosNamePosTimeAge Grade%
424Russ PlattMV4533:33 71.59%
506Jim DawsonMV5034:0172.34%
538Keith BrownMV5034:2072.98%
8013Neil CliffeMV5035:5570.22%
863Jude PeckLV4036:1761.02%
8915Andrew HollandM36:2259.11%
961Tarja BarnesLV4536:4062.96%
2499Alison LysonsLV5052:5246.83%
25022Sarah MatthewsL52:5240.74%

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

3rd August: Sale Sizzler and Park Runs

The third Sale Sizzler saw Jim and Andy H runing, Jim clocked 19:59 and Andy was not far behind with 20:06. On Saturday Andy was running at Wythenshaw Park run and clocked 23:51, Gill was running the Merseyvend 5K at Halewood and produced 25:17, Warrington Parkrun results are below

2nd August: Warrington Park Run

Warrington Park Run
PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
66Tom Greaves19:4166.98 %
1111Jim Dawson20:3672.17 %
1616Chris Jackson21:1461.77 %
2222Jonathan Noble22:1161.53 %

27th July: Lakeland 50 and Great Warford 10M

Well done to Mark, Pete and Russ who all completed the Lakeland 50 mile event which takes in approximately 3100m of ascent on rough terrain. There was also a good turnout at the Great Warford 10M race despite the heat, perhaps due the prospect of getting a bottle of Joggers Tipple at the end! Results below:

26th July: Lakeland 50

151Mark Byrne12:45:01
175Russ Platt13:03:44
55Pete Ackerley11:06:51

27th July: Great Warford 10 Miler

Great Warford

Martin and Fleur leading the way.

PosNameTimeAge Grade%
41Steven Thompson1:05:1768.00%
92Jim Dawson1:11:0871.53%
115Steve Anderson1:14:0761.20%
124Chris Jackson1:14:5859.81%
131Luke Potts1:15:2559.86%
198Martin Catterall1:24:1954.83%
200Fleur Evans1:24:5554.63%
263Sarah Walls1:37:1946.01%
Past Results

26th July: Warrington Park Run

Note: there were problems with the results recording hence there may be runners missing.

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
87Andrew Holland21:0961.31 %
2423Tony Sudworth22:5966.86 %
607Gill Collen26:1862.16 %
9926Claire Bennett28:5429.61 %

20th July: Week Round up of Results

We have had the Sefton 5 miler, Sale Sizzler, Penny Lane Strider 10K, Warrington and Congleton park runs in the past week which have all been attaneded by members.

On Saturday Andy Holland ran the Congleton Park Run in 21:34 and then on Sunday the Penny Lane Striders 10K which he did in 46:43. Results for the other races are below;

Warrington Park Run Results

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
2119Tony Sudworth23:0665.95 %
6254Bryan Forth29:0747.97 %

Sale Sizzler 5K#2

PosCat PosNameCatTime
14714Jim DawsonV5020:19
176176Andrew HollandM20:55

Sefton Park 5 Mile

50Ian Edge32:19
Ian At Sefton

15th July: Arley Mile Time Trial

There was a big turnout on a lovely summers evening for the annual Arley Mile Time Trial. Guest runner Tom was first in amongst the men, and Tarja was the ladies Mile Champion, well done to both of them.

Ladies Results

PositionNameTime (min / sec)Age Grade%
1Tarja Barnes6.2365.21%
2Fleur Evans6.3660.58%
3Jacqui Faulder6.4559.21%
4Sarah Matthews7.3052.27%
5Donna Girvan7.4348.58%
6Claire Bennett7.5047.36%
7Susan Alltree8.07-

Mens Results

PositionNameTime (min / sec)Age Grade%
1Tom Greaves (Guest)5.10-
2Steve Thompson5.1570.92%
3Ian Edge5.1980.67%
4Russ Platt5.3076.08%
5Steve Anderson5.3768.27%
6Andy Dalton5.3872.80%
7Chris Jackson5.4166.59%
8Luke Potts5.4266.52%
8=Dan Green5.4269.68%
10Andy Holland5.4365.24%
10=Jim Dawson5.4374.99%
12Jonathan Noble5.4468.72%
13Ben Logan5.5964.64%
14Anil Jangra6.0560.99%
15Gary Smith6.05-
16Tony Sudworth6.10-
17Stephen Bowden6.1772.42%
18Vince Struelens6.1964.50%
19Mark Durrington6.51-
20Bryan Forth7.1156.06%

13th July: Weekend Round Up

Sarah ran the We love Manchester 10K in 57:16.

Martin has completed the The Tour Of Merseyside, this consisted of Six Races in Seven Days totalling 52 Miles. His results where:

Martin on Tour
Southport Half1:45:00
Thurstaston 6M50:59
Sustrans 10M1:17:03
Halton 5M38:30
Knowsley XC 6M49:41
Wirral 12M1:39:44

His overall time was 7:01:11 and final position was 66.

Warrington Park Run Results

A hot and sunny morning saw 9 members running and PBs from Andy and Steve

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1514Russ Platt20:0672.22 %
2018Andrew Holland20:4462.54 %
2220Daniel Green20:5565.74 %
3128Steve Anderson21:5460.58 %
3832Tony Bell22:4365.44 %
4640Tony Sudworth23:2964.87 %
5245Liam Wilkinson24:1054.00 %
12190Bryan Forth29:1847.67 %
14345Shelley Walsh31:3260.68 %

6th July: Weekend Round Up

Wednesday evening saw Mhari Gass run the Forest Park 5K in 24:44, on Saturday there was the Warrington Park Run and on Sunday the Southport Half Marathon which is the start race for the 52-mile BTR Tour of Merseyside.

Southport Half Marathon

Matt Sperrin1:32:33
Martin Catterall1:44:41
Kevin Dickson1:56:38
Emily Newton2:05:11

Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1313Russ Platt20:0872.10 %
2221Alan Grehan20:5762.61 %
2827Mark Byrne21:2565.68 %
3332Chris Jackson21:3960.59 %
5549Tony Sudworth23:3264.73 %
11593Bryan Forth28:0249.82 %
151111Jonathan Noble32:1642.30 %

29th June: Weekend Round Up

Plenty of running this weekend including several events:

  • Sarah Matthews ran 55:20 Run Fest Wales 10K at Rhyl
  • Vince Struelens ran 48:29 at the Arley Hall 10K


Mount Blanc Marathon

Andrew Gibbons completed the Mount Blanc Marathon in 4:34:42. he had a good race improving as the race progress; he was position 230 at 10k; 212 at 20k then at the other markers he was at 184; 162; then 169 at 30k; 156 and finishing in 142 position overall (93rd in age group). The race is 26 miles and 2154 meters of ascent as shown in the profile below.

28th June: Warrington Park Run


PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
2322Luke Potts21:4560.61 %
3231Stephen Bowden22:2669.69 %
7970Martin Catterall26:0751.88 %
9717Sarah Matthews27:5253.47 %
11524Claire Bennett29:4849.66 %

21st June: Lymm 5K

A hot afternoon saw the final north Cheshire Grand Prix 5K at Lymm. Steve led the way, and it was good to have him back after injury.

PosNameCategoryTimeAge Grade%
17Steven ThompsonSenior Men18:4668.99%
32Keith BrownMale Vet 5019:5475.68%
40Jim DawsonMale Vet 5020:3272.63%
77Andrew HollandSenior Men21:5659.14%
84Tony BellMale Vet 5022:180.00%
136Bryan ForthMale Vet 4026:2553.03%
162Shelley WalshLady Vet 6031:1953.89%
Past Results

21st June: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
6253Martin Catterall24:4854.64 %
6556Mark Durrington25:0053.07 %
176114Bryan Forth38:3936.14 %

19th June: Dunham Massey 5K

It was warm pleasant summers evening for the second race around Dunham Massey, this time starting in the Park and finishing in front of the house.

There were PB for Pete, Jerry, Chris, Luke, Tarja Sarah, and Steven, and a debut for Jonathan. in addition several club records were broken, these where:

  • V45 Ladies record by Tarja,
  • V40 Mens record by Pete,
  • V55 Mens record by Steven.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
17Pete AckerleyMale Vet 4017.1279.78%
27Jerry CollSenior Man17.5675.13%
68Keith BrownMale Vet 5019.4476.11%
77Daniel GreenMale Vet 4019.5569.19%
79Jim DawsonMale Vet 5019.5774.55%
89Chris JacksonSenior Man20.3363.94%
103Jonathan NobleMale Vet 4020.5465.41%
104Luke PottsSenior Man20.5763.21%
110Tarja BarnesLady Vet 4521.0165.92%
114Andrew HollandSenior Man21.0661.60%
117Stephen BowdenMale Vet 5521.0974.00%
155Sarah MatthewsSenior Lady25.5450.24%
209Donna GirvanSenior Lady29.2144.16%
Past Results

14th June: Hollins Green 5K

A rescheduled Hollins Green race saw a depleted turn-out but well done to Brian who set a PB.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
41Keith BrownMale Vet 5019:4176.42%
46Jim DawsonMale Vet 5020:0074.48%
117Bryan ForthMale Vet 4025:4754.27%
Past Results

14th June: Warrington Park Run


PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
4844Ben Logan23:5255.94 %
12629Claire Bennett29:2050.45 %
192131Bryan Forth49:4928.04 %

10th June: Summer Handicap

There was a very good turnout for this years Summer Handicap. Well done to Brian and Sarah for winning the men's and ladies handicap.

On the start line...


Finish PosNameCatFinish TimeRun TimeTime Pos
1Bryan ForthM30:5730:5722
2Sarah MatthewsF31:0031:004
3Emma FallonF31:1030:553
4Ben LoganM32:4026:2517
5Tony SudworthM32:4726:1715
6Alan GrehanM32:5225:4213
7Jerry CollM33:0022:003
8Stephen BowdenM33:1625:1212
9Tarja BarnesF33:2726:191
10Stephen AndersonM33:3024:349
11Jonathan NobleM33:3325:0310
12Anil JangraM33:3727:3719
13Ian EdgeM33:3823:265
14Daniel GreenM33:4224:278
15Luke PottsM33:4825:4816
16Russ PlattM33:5423:366
17Chris JacksonM33:5725:0111
18Pete AckerleyM33:5821:211
19Alan WheelhouseM34:0726:5218
20Fleur EvansF34:1427:442
21Andrew GibbonsM34:2121:442
22Shelley WalshF35:0035:005
23Martin CatterallM35:2028:5021
24Mesbah NanaM35:3025:4714
25Ian PetersM35:4227:1220
26Steve ThompsonM35:5023:144
27Keith BrownM42:4331:5823

7th June: Sandstone Trail Challenge

Four members undertook the Sandstone trail Challenge in very wet conditions. The challenge is 34 miles long with about 3700 feet of climbing.

After the event with proof of completion!
Pete storming ahead in the wet conditions


2Pete Ackerley5hrs 09
14Colin Burgess5hrs 59
21Russ Platt6hrs 17
25Mark Byrne6hrs 28

June 7th: Warrington Park Run


PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
3026Luke Potts22:2158.99 %
9575Bryan Forth26:3652.07 %
12945Claire Bennett29:5149.58 %

5th June: Dunham Massey 5K

First 5K race at Dunham Massey saw PBs from Pete, Chris, Luke , Stephen, Fleur and Sarah.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
6Pete AckerleyMale Vet 4017:3178.16%
23Jerry CollSenior Man18:0075.24%
39Steven ThompsonSenior Man19:0967.67%
49Russ PlattMale Vet 4519:4573.92%
61Daniel GreenMale Vet 4020:1968.19%
63Jim DawsonMale Vet 5020:3072.97%
70Chris JacksonSenior Man20:5162.92%
85Stephen Park BowdenMale Vet 5521:32-
87Luke PottsSenior Man21:3661.19%
94Andrew HollandSenior Man21:5659.20%
114Anil JangraSenior Man23:0655.84%
120Fleur EvansLady Vet 4023:1857.71%
125Martin CatterallSenior Man23:2357.87%
141Keith BrownMale Vet 5024:0562.72%
172Sarah WallsSenior Lady26:4448.63%
Past Results

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

31st May: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
3026Luke Potts22:2158.99 %
9575Bryan Forth26:3652.07 %
12945Claire Bennett29:5149.58 %

29th May: Bowden 5K

The North Cheshire 5K series kicked off with the Bowden 5 in good running conditions. There were fine debuts from Jerry and Fleur and a PB from Luke.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
20Jerry CollSenior Man18.1773.99%
48Russ PlattMale Vet 4519.3774.33%
56Keith BrownMale Vet 5020.0775.00%
63Jim DawsonMale Vet 5020.1673.72%
91Luke PottsSenior Man21.4260.86%
100Andrew HollandSenior Man22.2457.94%
130Fleur EvansLady Vet 4023.4956.40%
Past Results

25th May: Grizedale and Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon

Jacqui, Anil and Sarah took on the Liverpool Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon on Sunday, results were:

  • Jacqui 1:36:31
  • Anil 1:53:22
  • Sarah 2:10:48

Meanwhile, Colin, Mark and Russ took on the challenging Trail 26 run based in Grizedale, Lake District, and all made it around safely.


PosCat PosNameTime
3212Colin Burgess4:36:56.00
7523Mark Byrne5:29:21.25
7624Russ Platt5:29:21.35

24th May: Warrington Park Run

Well done to Brain for producing a PB at this weekends local park run, and to Jerry as well for an impressive debut.

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
86Jerry Coll18:4971.48 %
1613Andrew Dalton20:1869.87 %
2219Chris Jackson21:1161.61 %
8070Liam Wilkinson25:5150.48 %
9079Bryan Forth26:4751.71 %
11018Sarah Matthews28:2352.50 %
11622Alison Lysons28:4758.25 %

18th May: Weekend round up

This weekend saw runners doing the Chester Half Marathon, Manchester 10K and the Warrington Park Run, results as follow: Chester Half Marathon

Chip Pos SurnameGender Pos CatCat Pos Chip TimeAge Grade%
249Keith Brown226M50+141:32:5773.81%
1264Stephen Anderson1030MOPEN5811:49:1654.90%
1503Vince Struelens1234M40+2211:51:5856.98%
1576Martin Catterall1270MOPEN7211:52:4454.17%
4854Paul Gurney3104MOPEN170302:37:0938.82%

Sarah Matthews ran the Bupa Great Manchester Run in 56:58

Warrington Park Run

Warrington Park Run
8Ian Edge19:3475.98 %
25Chris Jackson21:2361.03 %
38Luke Potts22:2658.77 %
83Ben Logan25:1852.77 %
116Bryan Forth27:2150.64 %
144Jonathan Noble29:4345.93 %

4th May: Liverpool Spring 10K

Results from the Liverpool Spring 10K and the Warrington Park Run are below. Also well done to Donna who achieved 26:16 at the Merseyvend 5K - a PB.

4th May: Liverpool Spring 10K

Chip PosNameGenderChip TimeAge Grade%
397Martin CatterallM47:1059.60%
828Neil HankinsonM52:2653.07%
829Joanna PlaneF52:2751.46%

3rd May: Warrington Park Run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1311Mark Byrne19:4671.16 %
2320Liam Wilkinson21:0661.85 %
12488Bryan Forth27:3850.12 %
162102Jonathan Noble30:3244.38 %

26 April: Warrington Park Run

Another good turnout at the park run, well done to Mat and Chris for recording PBs.

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
1716Mark Byrne20:0070.33 %
2625Matthew Sperrin20:5761.73 %
2726Chris Jackson21:0162.09 %
443Sarah Lewis22:5166.96 %
5148Martin Catterall23:0958.10 %
12229Donna Girvan27:1954.42 %
14729Alsion Lysons28:5557.98 %
21889Sarah Matthews48:2930.73 %

Also Russ run the Mobberley Round the Runway Race on Thursday (5.3 miles) with a time of 35:03mins

Cheshire 5k Series and Lymm Trail Runs

Lymm Trail

Entries are now open for the North Cheshire 5K Series and the Lymm 5/10K Trail runs. The North Cheshire 5K series is a set of 5 5K races over May and June organised by Spectrum Striders and Altrincham Athletics Club, these races are part of our Championship. The Lymm Trail races are organised by Lymm Runners and consist of a 10K 5K and Fun Run, all of which are off road.

Cheshire 5K Series

  • 29th May - Bowdon 5K
  • 31st June - Hollins Green 5K
  • 5th June - Dunham Massey 5K
  • 12th June - Dunham Massey 5K
  • 21st June - Lymm 5K

Lymm Trail Runs

  • Sunday 6th July

20th April: Runcorn Run The Bridge, 5 Miles

Run Runcorn BridgeThere was a big field running the annual Run the Runcorn Bridge race, including several comic book heros! Despite the chilly start, Martin produced a PB, Keith ran his best 5M since records started and there were fine debuts by Fleur and Donna. Well done to Fleur who was first in her age category.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
29Steven ThompsonSen30:0471.16%
59Keith Brown5032:2376.69%
65Jim Dawson5032:4174.63%
118Martin CatterallSen35:2762.78%
161Fleur Evans4036:5860.53%
389Donna GirvanSen44:2348.31%
Past Results

19th April 2014: The Rivington Pike Race

PosGender PosNameTime
32945Bryan Forth36:59
35066Sarah Matthews34:02

19th April: Warrington Park Run

Well done to Sarah for producing a PB on this park run

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
3835Tony Bell22:2666.27 %
9721Sarah Matthews27:3755.70 %
10380Bryan Forth27:3750.15 %
11428Shelley Walsh27:5168.70 %

16th April: Chester Spring 5 Miles

There were fine debus by Chris and Sarah on this mid-week race

PosNameTimeAge Grade%
146Chris Jackson35:0861.49%
306Sarah Matthews45:0647.72%
322Alison Lysons47:5751.46%
330Paul Gurney50:4743.74%

13thApril: London Marathon

There were three members running the London Marathon, well done to all especially to Pete who managed to duck under three hours.


PosGender PosCat PosNameCategoryFinish timeAge Grade%
821793171Pete Ackerley 40-442:54:2173.74%
16831586893Jerry Coll 18-393:03:5468.58%
75166203965Russ Platt 45-493:43:3361.74%

Past Results

13thApril: Whitley 10K

Whitley 10K

The club had a hugh turnout for this popular local race. Well done to Tarja for comming first in her category and to Steve for a top 10 place.


PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
8Steven ThompsonSEN36:5073.08%
28Ian EdgeV5039:5778.04%
31Keith BrownV5040:2477.27%
45Jim DawsonV5041:1474.97%
62Matthew SperrinSEN42:4063.10%
77Tarja BarnesV4543:3166.77%
80Stephen AndersonV3543:3863.41%
94Chris JacksonSEN44:3860.93%
100Daniel GreenV4044:5563.77%
120Anthony BellV5045:5667.42%
139Fleur EvansV4046:5459.73%
151Vince StruelensV4047:3161.84%
172Anne GregoryV4048:4658.71%
185Luke PottsSEN49:46-
238Emily NewtonSEN53:2350.33%
263Shelley WalshV5555:4062.65%
274Bryan ForthV4056:4151.24%
260Donna GirvanSEN55:3348.54%

Past Results

6th April: Manchester Marathon

Manchester Marathon

Well done to the the four members who complete the Manchester Marathon on Sunday with some excellent performances


NameCategoryTimeAge Grade%
Jude Peck V4003:23:4565.12%
Mark Byrne V4003:23:4665.02%
Martin Catterall SEN03:45:4956.20%
Bryan Forth V4004:59:1843.83%

March: Warrington Park Run

WRR members have been active over the last few weeks at the Warrington Park Run, some results are listed below, full results are on the Warrinton Park Run site.

5th April

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
3734Alan Wheelhouse20:5567.81 %
4946Tony Bell21:5267.99 %
5249Liam Wilkinson22:1358.74 %
12832Shelley Walsh27:5568.54 %
139106Bryan Forth28:2948.62 %

29th March

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
31Tracy Entwistle19:1180.80 %
2319Liam Wilkinson21:4959.82 %
8860Martin Catterall28:1747.55 %
8961Anil Jangra28:1945.56 %
10336Sarah Matthews29:1351.00 %
10468Bryan Forth29:2147.19 %

22th March

PosGender PosNameTimeAge%
66Steve Thompson18:1371.00 %
3130Russ Platt20:4969.74 %
140104Martin Catterall28:2947.22 %
142106Bryan Forth28:3148.57 %

30th March: Cheshire 10K

Cheshire 10K

A fine spring morning saw several members run the Cheshire 10K based at Arley Hall. This runs around the country lanes between Arley Hall and Antrobus and had over a thousand runners. Well done to Sarah who managed to record a PB by over 2 minutes.


PosNameCatCat PosGender PosTimeAge Grade%
127Jim DawsonV50710641:0975.03%
182Chris JacksonMale9415743:2162.69%
752Sarah MatthewsFemale16326157:2347.15%

23rd March: Wilmslow and Liverpool Half Marathons

Half Marathons It was a cold blustery day with good sunnny intervals for both the Half Marathons, Tarja broke her club record in the Liverpool Half Marathon and the veteran Keith led the runners home in the Wilmslow Half Marathon.

Wilmslow Half Marathon

Chip PosNameCat Pos10K10 MileChip TimeAge Grade%
266Keith Brown1440:4801:07:1501:29:1176.56%
326Nik Avraam16541:3301:08:3101:30:3467.95%
496Jim Dawson2841:4901:10:1401:34:4070.77%
444Daniel Green27943:4801:11:0201:33:3666.59%
1569Chris Hampson35051:4601:24:4701:50:0456.23%
2740Kevin Dickson39551:2701:28:4102:03:4751.54%

Liverpool Half Marathon

Chip PosNameGender PosCat Pos10KChip TimeAge Grade%
615Tarja Barnes28244:5601:36:2066.03%
752Lynden James57841644:2001:37:5961.66%
1117Fleur Evans81647:1401:41:4760.78%

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

9th March: High Legh 10K

High Legh 10K

A bit of sunshine saw a good turnout for this local race and some good times. Special mention goes to Tarja who created a new club record for the V45 category


PosNameTimeAge Grade%
21Steven Thompson38:1270.50%
54Jim Dawson41:2874.09%
62Russ Platt42:1071.70%
64Daniel Green42:1367.98%
101Tarja Barnes44:3864.64%
141Martin Catterall47:1859.26%
160Vince Struelens48:2560.34%
180Andrew Holland49:3954.50%
309Ali Lysons56:5854.01%
351Mark Molloy59:5249.88%

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Previous results.

And also out running were:

Stafford 20 Miler

26Pete Ackerley2:13:49
28Jerry Coll2:15:16

Trafford 10K

448Sarah Lewis45:34

More race results

Club members have been active over the last few weeks in races. Sarah Walls managed 59:29 in the Mad Do 10K, In the Alsager 5 mile, Stephen Anderson recorded 34:26 and Diane Whitfield recorded 46:00. Results for the Wrexham Village Bakery 1/2 Marathon and the recent park runs in Warrington are below:

Wrexham Village Bakery 1/2 Marathon, 16th February

This was slightly over 13.2 miles due to a marshalling error!

Wrexham 1/2 Marathon
47Pete Ackerley85:52
196Andrew Holland1:44:10
210Martin Catterall1:45:50

Warrington Park Run

22nd February

PosGen PosNameTimeAge Grade%
5447Tony Bell23:4962.42%
13187Martin Catterall29:5045.08%
13288Bryan Forth29:5046.42%

15th February

PosGen PosNameTimeAge Grade%
1919Andrew Holland21:4259.75%
2424Lynden James22:2159.73%
3433Martin Catterall23:2157.60%
8670Bryan Forth28:3448.48%

8th February

PosGen PosNameTimeAge Grade%
1413John Bellamy20:4869.23%
2221Chris Jackson21:0961.70%
2726Andrew Holland21:2460.59%
14743Sarah Walls31:3347.23%
173113Bryan Forth34:2540.24%

1st February

PosGen PosNameTimeAge Grade%
3432Mark Davies23:4261.25 %
3735Martin Catterall23:5256.35 %
4441Anil Jangra24:1253.31 %
10882Bryan Forth28:3748.40 %
18580Lou Shannon41:2336.00 %

8th February: Birchwood Cross Country

Park Run

This course has a reputation for mudiness and this year it exceeded its reputation! Several members braved what turned out to be 5 miles of slogging through mud.


Mens Ladies
35Jim Dawson33Gill Colen
56Ian Edge49Ali Lysons
72Keith Brown
89Anil Jangra
99Bryan Forth

There were 152 finishers. The combined Men's team came 5th and the Ladies team came 6th.

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Past Results

Final League Positons:


2Penny Lane Striders
3=Helsby, Lymm, Warrington Road Runners
3=Liverpool Running Club
5Spectrum Striders
6Mersey Tri
7Skemersdale & Parbold
8Newburgh Nomads
9=Birkenhead & Pensby
9=Liverpool Harriers
11Chester Tri
12Ellsmere Port


1Liverpool Running Club
2Spectrum Striders
3Helsby, Lymm, Warrington Road Runners
4Skemersdale & Parbold
5Penny Lane Striders
7=Mersey Tri
7=Birkenhead & Pensby
9Widnes Wasps
10Ellsmere Port
11Liverpool Harriers
12Chester Tri
13Newburgh Nomads

25th January: Warrington inaugural Park Run

Park Run

The inaugural Warrington park run was held this morning with an excellent 400+ runners. WRR members has a good turnout for this event with Tarja coming second in the ladies and both Tarja and Martin recorded personal bests for the distance.


PosGen PosNameTimeAge Grade%
2928Ian Edge20:2772.76%
642Tarja Barnes22:0462.78%
7068Martin Catterall22:1560.50%
5150Chris Jackson21:2461.10%
8886Andrew Holland23:1555.90%
113107Mark Davies24:1759.82%
211164Bryan Forth27:3050.43%
23357Shelley Walsh28:0959.67%
25464Lou Shannon28:5245.02%

19th January: Helsby Half Marathon


The club had a big turnout on a lovely day for running for this half marathon. At least 8 members produced PBs! and there were a few debuts.


PosNameCatCat Gun PosTimeAge Grade%
100Pete AckerleyM40261:22:3875.08%
106Steven ThompsonMSEN571:23:0571.27%
138Jerry CollMSEN741:24:2972.03%
236Keith BrownM50201:29:0576.64%
263Jim DawsonM50221:30:1474.24%
372Nik AvraamMSEN1491:34:0165.45%
403Mark ByrneM40751:34:5067.33%
552Tarja BarnesF4541:38:1864.70%
519Neil HankinsonMSEN2071:37:3461.72%
593Steve AndersonMSEN2121:39:1560.60%
667Martin CatterallMSEN2241:41:1560.05%
709Chris JacksonMSEN2321:42:3457.89%
715Sarah LewisF40171:42:4459.91%
777Fleur EvansF40211:44:0359.06%
971Vincent StruelensM401661:49:1158.16%
1124Anthony BellM501031:53:0259.46%
1301Louise ShannonFSEN661:58:1150.48%
1434Bryan ForthM402192:03:1650.90%
1464Joanna PlaneFSEN842:04:3847.72%
1536Diane WhitfieldF55252:08:1956.45%
1660Sarah WallsFSEN1202:16:2143.69%
Past Results

12th January: Cross Country at Town Park


A great course and successful event organised by the club. The course had to be re-routed because of a fallen tree but still contained the challenging ski slope, there was plenty of mud and even a ice covered pool at the finish. A big thanks to all members who helped put on this race.


Mens Ladies
18Steve Thompson17Tarja Barnes
51Jim Dawson33Fleur Evans
121Martin Catterall44Ann Gregory
140Bryan Forth

There were 216 finishers. The combined Men's and Ladies team both came 4th.

There are some photos on our Flikrsite.

Past Results

4th January: Cheshire Cross Country Championship at Birchwood


Several WRR members ran for the club in the Cheshire Cross Country Championships at Birchwood. This was on the course we all know and love from the Sunday Cross Country League. Heavy rain over the preceding week meant that there was ample mud and the usual "water feature". Results are below, well done to every for completing the course and the Tarja who came first in her category.



PosNameCat PosTime
26Tarja Barnes144:32
42Louise Shannon1548:35
65Sarah Walls201:04:54


PosNameCat PosTime
37Steve Thompson1947:43
66Nik Avraam2951:05
72Jim Dawson851:17
93Andrew Holland3954.40
130Tony Bell211:03:08
141Bryan Forth211:13:04

There are some photos on our Flikr site.

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