Whitley 10K


Whitley 10k is organised by the Whitley Village Hall Race Committee. The race follows an accurately measured course through beautiful Cheshire country lanes, with chip timing. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd-placed men, women, and veterans, as well as a medal for every finisher.

There is also a Whitley Fun Run which starts a few minutes after the main 10k race, and follows a 4.7km / 2.9 mile course (not accurately measured) - perfect for the beginner.

The start and finish are adjacent to the Village Hall.

Car Parking

Car parking is available in the field beside the Village Hall or in a field opposite. Refreshments are available for purchase, and there are some changing facilities for runners.

Start time:

The start time is usually 11am, and you will need to arrive in time to collect your number and chip before the race.

Getting here:

Many roads around the village will be closed for the race. Approach from A49/Street Lane/Village Lane.

Entry Details

Entry details and other details can be found on the 10K Website.

Past Results

14th April 2019

The club had another large turnout for this popular 10K, boosted by a number of beginners attempting their first 10K. Well done to all those who completed their first 10K

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
16Colin KennedyM5011639:1079.36Gold
51Stephen BowdenM6044143:5276.18Gold
62Philip RoseM55115044:4970.58Silver
63Steve AndersonM40215144:4562.42Bronze
90Ian SeaburyM45307247:0062.34Bronze
123Michael MonaghanM40389849:4256.64Copper
138Jenny McintyreF5543050:4872.64SilverPB
186Keith BrownM554213654:2458.67Copper
237Chris YatesM555116258:2654.62Copper
243Jon BettsM455216459:0348.83
244Chris PriceM455316559:0250.45
295Denise O'DonnellF45381111:06:2550.99First Timer
297Sarah FontanaF40351121:06:2647.64First Timer
298Joanna GordonF241131:06:3345.78
300Charles ComminsM501861:06:3940.34
308Kerri HanningtonF271191:08:3944.19First Timer
309Mark ByrneM45601901:08:4143.36
320Mike PriceM45621961:11:1140.83First Timer
321Kate HayesF45401251:11:1047.59
322Caitlyn DevenportF301261:11:1142.61
326James BridgeM541971:11:4137.27First Timer
327Paul RavenscroftM45631981:11:4441.19
333Vicky RavenscroftF45431341:13:0345.31
334Karen RobertsF50441351:13:0147.5First Timer
337Bryan ForthM45642001:14:1739.44
338Jayne WhitfieldF50471381:14:2447.18First Timer
339Neil CumminsM50612011:14:2441.78
350Marianne RussellF65201471:25:1551.12
351Ann WilkinsonF55211481:25:1543.85
352Joanne FreemanF45501491:31:2436.21First Timer
353Kate CumminsF50221501:31:2439.37

15thApril 2018

There was another large turnout for the Whitley 10K, including an number of beinngers for who this was their first 10K. Mark led the club home and there were club records for Tracy and Gill.

Whitley 10K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
10Mark HeaveyM4521036:0880.44Gold
29Steven ThompsonM182938:3569.68Silver
33Andrew GibbonsM213239:1668.68SilverPB
51Tracy EntwistleF452542:5476.38GoldClub Record
86John WalshM45176945:1963.63Bronze
91Neil CliffeM55167445:4869.69Silver
98Anne GregoryF4551946:1672.37Silver
100David GallimoreM40208046:4361.22Bronze
101Dave AshcroftM55208146:2968.05Silver
106Sean FarrellyM50218647:1465.81Bronze
109Claire RichardsonF52147:1864.13Bronze
110Michael MonaghanM40258947:2059.01Copper
137Keith BrownM553310849:0464.47Bronze
147James WilliamsM403711549:1157.23CopperDebut
158Mike McMahonM503912449:4962.4Bronze
199Gill CollenF6065353:0073.36SilverClub Record
235Wendy GidmanF50216555:1761.98Bronze
236Catherine WakefieldF5596655:2268.39Bronze
252Jon BettsM404917956:5550.25
253Mark BridgeM455018056:5651.9Debut
254Verity RosenburghF167456:5553.53
257Carolyn FlanaganF50237557:3659.49CopperPB
288Diane WhitfieldF5513911:00:3363.36Bronze
306Karen EvansF50351011:03:3856.55Copper
309Liane ClarkeF50361021:04:1755.98Copper
313Sarah MatthewsF35311041:04:4047.78
316Vicky RavenscroftF45391061:05:3451.07Debut
319Sarah-marie DunneF231091:05:4046.19Debut
321Roger KnightM45592111:05:5144.5
327Neil CumminsM50682121:08:0545.26Debut
328Andrea YoungF55441161:08:1553.38Debut
329Charles ComminsM532131:08:1439.15
345Ann WilkinsonF55181251:16:4448.09Debut
346Fran HealdF40361261:16:4541.54
347Kate CumminsF50461271:16:5346.22Debut
351Marianne RussellF65201301:19:3754.74Debut and Club Record
352Nicola DuttonF50481311:19:4242.99
354Laura WaringF291331:31:5632.99Debut
355Nicola GrantF35371341:47:3428.73Debut
356Bryan ForthM45612221:47:3127.03
357James MatthewsM572231:47:3825.57

23rdApril 2017

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
5Steven ThompsonM3536:5672.56Silver
46Kevin GillibrandM5084642:4170.99SilverPB
54David GallimoreM40175043:2765.29Bronze
76Andrew GerrardM50156744:2368.83Silver
79Steve AndersonM357645:0661.01Copper
95Ian SeaburyM45278545:4962.93Bronze
105Dan WhelanM419646:1957.68CopperDebut
120Claire RichardsonF41047:1664.17Bronze
126Martin BerryM404211547:4358.99Copper
154Aaron PerryM5214148:5954.54CopperDebut
161Keith BrownM552914349:1163.77Bronze
167Tony SudworthM553014749:2264.65Bronze
173Linda StathamF4541749:2965.58Bronze
180Stuart BeardsworthM405915949:4556.58CopperDebut
221Ian WilliamsM6518752:4251.01
227Gill CollenF55318853:1072.16Silver
252Lindsey BerryF165254:2955.83Copper
253Lindsey BerryF165254:2955.83Copper
280Catherine WakefieldF5575956:3066.17Bronze
289Alison BrownF45216557:2056.6Copper
291Sue WaltersF5596657:3065.86Bronze
359Liane ClarkeF50281041:04:1955.25Copper
381Charles ComminsM842581:07:5139.38Debut
382Joanna GordonF411251:08:0844.52Debut
408Joelle PhillipsM45412711:14:2639.36Debut
417Sarah MatthewsF35521431:37:0031.72
418Bryan ForthM45852751:37:0229.71
422Sarah MatthewsF35531481:37:0031.72

24th April 2016

There was a huge turnout for the Whitley 10K on a chilly springs morning. An impressive 29 members achieved a club standard. Mark led the club home in 11th position.

Prior to the race
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
11 Mark HeaveyM405 11 36:3878.07Gold
18 Steven ThompsonM12 18 38:1470.01Silver
35 Jim DawsonM504 31 40:1176.03Gold
58 Ian EdgeM509 51 41:4073.96Silver
59 John WalshM4020 54 41:4367.48Silver
65 Liam WilkinsonM28 62 42:0764.03BronzePB
92 Steven NokesM33 78 43:1963.14Bronze
96 Neil CliffeM5516 80 43:3771.91Silver
108 Keith BrownM5019 96 44:1970.14Silver
113 Andrew GerrardM5022 102 44:3368.01Silver
122 David GallimoreM4034 103 44:4662.88Bronze
123 Stephen BowdenM5524 108 44:4972.52Silver
124 Ian SeaburyM4037 110 44:5162.76BronzeDebut
142 Steve AndersonM47 124 45:5059.67Copper
145 Dave AshcroftM5027 125 46:0667.43Silver
150 Martin BerryM4044 127 46:2060.29Copper
164 Mike McMahonM5033 145 47:0464.91BronzeDebut
202 Neil SimpsonM61 163 48:4556.44Copper
261 Gill CollenF555 60 51:5572.94Silver
268 Lindsey AndersF20 63 52:1358.16Copper
285 Ian WilliamsM4581 212 52:5155CopperDebut
306 Wendy GidmanF4524 83 54:0161.99BronzePB
309 Miranda NeweyF28 89 54:0856.03Copper
331 Sue WaltersF557 96 55:0667.85Bronze
351 Alison BrownF4038 102 56:2357.02CopperPB
354 Steph FosterF5028 104 56:2862.93BronzePB
361 Catherine WakefieldF559 111 57:0664.62BronzePB
366 Diane WhitfieldF5511 117 57:4064.83Bronze
417 Bryan ForthM4073 266 1:03:4444.87

19th April 2015

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
12Pete AckerleyM4041237:1577.16Gold
14Steven ThompsonM71438:2970.15Silver
32Ian EdgeM5073141:0176.24Gold
35Jerry CollM173441:0469.03Bronze
41Keith BrownM50104041:3276.18Silver
54Neil CliffeM50145242:5074.49Silver
62Daniel GreenM40165943:1266.9Bronze
63Luke PottsM276043:1264.18BronzePB
65Will MageeM286443:1763.96Bronze
73Steven NokesM296844:1163.18Copper
104Will CharlesM429645:5758.86CopperPB
124Thomas Bentham-EvansM5211247:3257.59CopperDebut
195Gill CollenF5513551:1964.97Silver
242Susan AlltreeF45246054:3153.57BronzeDebut
258Alison LysonsF50256756:0155.08Bronze
266Bryan ForthM404619756:1352.04PB
277Sarah MatthewsF35337657:2247.29
280Diane WhitfieldF5577858:1356.9Bronze

13th April 2014

Whitley 10K

The club had a huge turnout for this popular local race. Well done to Tarja for coming first in her category and to Steve for a top 10 place.

PosNameCatTimeAge Grade%
8Steven ThompsonSEN36:5073.08%
28Ian EdgeV5039:5778.04%
31Keith BrownV5040:2477.27%
45Jim DawsonV5041:1474.97%
62Matthew SperrinSEN42:4063.10%
77Tarja BarnesV4543:3166.77%
80Stephen AndersonV3543:3863.41%
94Chris JacksonSEN44:3860.93%
100Daniel GreenV4044:5563.77%
120Anthony BellV5045:5667.42%
139Fleur EvansV4046:5459.73%
151Vince StruelensV4047:3161.84%
172Anne GregoryV4048:4658.71%
185Luke PottsSEN49:46-
238Emily NewtonSEN53:2350.33%
263Shelley WalshV5555:4062.65%
274Bryan ForthV4056:4151.24%
260Donna GirvanSEN55:3348.54%

Whitley 10K, 14 April 2013

Whitley 10K

There was a good turnout on a windy Sunday morning for this race.

Several new club members made impressive debuts on what is quiet a tough 10K course.

14Pete Ackerley38:59
20Steven Thompson39:52
23Jerry Coll40:11
31Nik Avraam40:40
44Ian Edge41:57
53Keith Brown43:06
60Andrew Holland43:38
72Jim Dawson44:31
97Sarah Lewis46:01
266Judy Heavey60:12

There are some pictures on Flikr.

15 April 2012

40Jim Dawson39:30
58Keith Brown41:02
188Billy O'Brien46:57
159Martin Catterall48:04
167Andrew Swain48:33
272Judy Heavey1:02:14
289Colin Hirst1:19:40

April 2011

The race was not held in this year.

18 April 2010

PosCat PosNameTime
3516Lee Sweetman38:07
6321Jim Dawson40:34
6522Neil Cliffe40:38
7626Keith Brown41:31
10440Ian Edge43:29
1646Tony Bell44:12
2648Kevin Dickson44:50
13445Chris Hampson45:17
15350David Beck46:41
15928John Houghton46:55
21810Gill Collen49:48
22716Ian Barwise50:04
24364Kevin Yates51:04
2623Shelley Walsh52:00
38312Carol Fell1:06:54

There are some pictures on Flikr.

19 April 2009

38Keith Brown40:06
61Ian Edge41:50
71Neil Hankinson42:48
75David Beck43:04
90Tony Bell44:15
118Ian Barwise46:23
180Gill Collen51:15
197Shelley Walshe52:46
235Diane Whitfield57:20
267Carol Fell1:02:01

27 April 2009

71Mark Jones40:54
74Steve Higgins41:07
75Neil Cliffe41:11
79Ian Edge41:31
93Jim Dawson42:43
99Keith Brown42:50
101James Trow42:56
129Shirley Anderson45:11
130Richard Hoe45:13
134Fred Shilleto45:20
140Anne Gregory45:31
157Kevin Dickson46:26
176Julia Wrigglesworth47:19
192Chris Hampson48:06
215Gill Collen49:19
225David Beck49:92
270Karen Rigby51:41
311Shelly Walsh54:52
312Tony Bell54:53
324Diane Whitfield55:58
371Carol Fell1:00:21