High Legh 10K




High Legh Primary School, Wrenshot Lane, High Legh, Knutsford, WA16 6NW

Course Description

A fast flat course on rural roads.


Limited free parking at the village hall, more parking at High Legh garden centre.

Race Website

High Legh 10K Website

Previous Results

12th March 2023

High Legh 10K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
28Paul MainwaringM122640:0766.6SilverPB
33Steve TraceyM143040:5565.5Bronze
217Lee RigbyM405715853:4253.26
228Christopher PriceM455816354:2053.93
377Jon BettsM45732251:02:2647.7
396Tony SudworthM60262321:04:3252.27SB
445Elizabeth ClarkeF592021:09:1643.84First Timer
446Fran HealdF45722031:09:1048.41

6th March 2022

High Legh 10K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
273Jenny McintyreF55167454:0271.01Silver
493Fran HealdF45742081:07:5548.74SB

8th March 2020

High Legh 10K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
64Neil CliffeM55115844:1773.39Silver
73Sean FarrellyM55126544:3271.03Silver
98Luke PottsM40368746:2960.09Copper
134Alison MorganF4091748:3565.63Bronze
139Sally GreenF5531848:5677.38Gold
149David BarnesM552712849:0465.05Bronze
158Keith BrownM551333049:5064.62Bronze
167Tarja BarnesF5092750:1169.11Silver
187Jon BettsM456315751:0756.86CopperPB
191Frances LennonF45143251:1866.02BronzeFirst Timer
435Fran HealdF45691741:03:1951.25SB
436Carolyn FarrellyF50421751:03:2255.39Copper

3rd March 2019

8Perry MooreM4536:5478.14Gold
20Tracy EntwistleF4539:3583.62PlatimumClub Record
45John WalshM4542:3467.74Silver
47Steven NokesM4042:4365.39Bronze
64Andrew GerrardM5043:4571.05Silver
118Simon StockmanM5047:2563.9Bronze
123Tarja BarnesF5048:1770.97SilverClub Record
153Sean FarrellyM5549:1263.75Bronze
186Elaine MountfordF6051:0776.07SilverClub Record
220Jenny McintyreF5552:2770.35SilverFirst Timer
288Keith BrownM5555:5657.06Copper
310Dave AshcroftM5556:4356.27Copper
311Nicola StockmanF5056:4261.17CopperFirst Timer
379Jon BettsM451:01:0047.27
380Fran HealdF401:01:0252.68
402Helen ThomasF351:02:3249.01
439Liane ClarkeF551:05:0555.98Copper

5th March 2017

The club had a good turnout for the last race in the championships. There were PBs for Tom, Perry, Sean and Sarah. Tom came 3rd overall and the men's team were overall winners.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
3Tom GreavesM3335:4274.84GoldPB
10Steven ThompsonM31037:0872.17Silver
15Perry MooreM4061538:1674.13GoldPB
47John WalshM40204642:0867.33Silver
55Sean FarrellyM5075442:3972.25SilverPB
110Keith BrownM55209646:2467.6Silver
120Simon StockmanM454010646:4363.75BronzeDebut
133Lynda BridgeF45112047:4369.37SilverDebut
135Anne GregoryF45132247:3669.54Silver
156Linda StathamF45182848:5766.29Bronze
286Sarah MatthewsF35248354:1856.66CopperPB
325Lisa McKennaF3710856:4953.39
326Roger KnightM457821856:5051.14
327Jenny SmithF405310956:4956.12Copper
348Alison LysonsF501412057:3261.76Bronze
426Liane ClarkeF50321851:05:1054.53
Men's team winners

28th February 2016

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
21Steven ThompsonM152137:3472.05Silver
51Luke PottsM294640:4268.54BronzePB
73Will MageeM346342:0766.13BronzePB
88Keith BrownM5097643:0973.85Silver
91Jim DawsonM50107843:1972.50Silver
106Will CharlesM469144:0661.52BronzePB
108Alan GrehanM479243:5262.78Bronze
238Linda StathamF40144149:5664.91BronzePB
243Mark MolloyM457218350:0860.70Copper
245Lynden JamesM7918450:0556.55Debut
299Gill CollenF5596552:3572.47Silver
318Adrian BakerM458522153:5155.62CopperDebut
432Diane WhitfieldF552514459:2663.70Bronze
436Bryan ForthM409726059:2749.53

1st March 2015

There was large turnout for the High Legh race on a cold and blustery day, despite that there were PBs for Liam, Will, Denise and Paul.

23Steven ThompsonM38:4869.55Silver
41Daniel GreenM4041:0570.27Silver
51Jim DawsonM5041:4974.5Silver
80David GallimoreM4044:0265.16Bronze
83Martin CatterallM44:1464.09Copper
105Liam WilkinsonM44:5360.93CopperDebut
106Jim HaddockM4045:0664.39BronzeDebut
120Andrew HollandM46:2258.41Copper
136Will CharlesM47:2257.08CopperDebut
220Denise GrehanF3550:4553.51CopperPB
82Mark MolloyM4554:0855.77Copper
363Alison LysonsF5058:2152.79Copper
389Paul GurneyM1:00:1346.78Debut

9th March 2014

High Legh 10K A bit of sunshine saw a good turnout for this local race and some good times. Special mention goes to Tarja who created a new club record for the V45 category

PosNameTimeAge Grade%
21Steven Thompson38:1270.50%
54Jim Dawson41:2874.09%
62Russ Platt42:1071.70%
64Daniel Green42:1367.98%
101Tarja Barnes44:3864.64%
141Martin Catterall47:1859.26%
160Vince Struelens48:2560.34%
180Andrew Holland49:3954.50%
309Ali Lysons56:5854.01%
351Mark Molloy59:5249.88%


11 March: Tracy Wins High Legh 10K

Tracy was the overall lady winner at the High Legh Robert Moffet 10K and can be seen below receiving her prize from a desendant of Robert Moffet. Her time was 38m 02 which is a PB and a club record. Well done to Nikki who also recorded a PB time.

15Tracy Entwistle38.02
44Daniel Bossward41.58
118Nikki Chamberlain47.14
137Mhairi Gass48.36
148Mark Molloy49.12
High Legh ladies winner
Near the end of the 10K

Near the end of the 10K


Jim Dawson38:44
Martin Catterall50:29
Mark Molloy56:39