Winter Handicap Results

19th February 2023

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
1Tony SudworthM60311:02:58
2Andrew GerrardM551244:51
4Kevin GillibrandM552351:54
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
3Sally GreenF601148:13

12nd December 2021

PosNameCatGen PosTime
1Bryan ForthM5081:12:22
3Luke PottsM40446:30
4Andrew GerrardM55345:16
5Kevin GillibrandM55243:16
6Mark ByrneM50142:23
8Ian EdgeM55554:20
9Christopher PriceM4561:02:07
10Stephen BowdenM6571:03:23
PosNameCatGen PosTime
2Alison MorganF45149:46
7Linda BowdenF50258:23

22nd December 2019

1Bryan ForthM451:06:16
2Colin BridgerM4555:50
3Ian EdgeM5548:30
4Mark ByrneM5043:35
5Kevin GillibrandM5043:38
7Paul RavenscroftM4543:29
8Andrew GibbonsM40:40
9Andrew GerrardM5546:15
10David BarnesM5549:21
11Stephen BowdenM6046:10
12Alan WheelhouseM5047:36
13James WilliamsM4046:05
14Liam WilkinsonM54:27
1Bobbie LomaxF4544:27
2April WilkinsonF3553:17
3Elaine MountfordF6052:27
4Lynda BridgeF4548:50
5Alison MorganF4051:28
6Gill CollenF601:00:27
7Linda BowdenF4554:00
8Catherine WakefieldF601:06:25

2nd December 2018

3Simon StockmanM5048:44
5Daniel GreenM4541:10
6Andrew GerrardM5046:19
7Colin KennedyM5040:49
9Bryan ForthM451:07:12
10Andrew GibbonsM41:16
11Mark ByrneM4544:55
13Mike McMahonM5048:50
14Neil CumminsM501:08:02
15James WilliamsM4044:30
16Stephen WilliamsM501:00:04
17Alan WheelhouseM5049:04
18Ian EdgeM5551:57
19Martin BerryM4056:01
1Alison MorganF4052:20
2Elaine MountfordF5551:34
4Anne McgarthF5557:51
8Bobbie LomaxF4043:35
12Emma TateF50:32
20Linda StathamF451:00:04

17th December 2017

The winter handicap managed to avoid all the icy weather to produce a memorable event. Congratulations to Charles and Carolyn our men and ladies individual winners

1Daniel GreenM4041:56
2Liam WilkinsonM43:30
2Kevin GillibrandM5043:30
4Stephen BowdenM6045:15
5Russ PlattM5045:35
6Sean FarrellyM5045:45
7Andrew GerrardM5046:35
8Simon StockmanM5049:35
9Martin CatterallM4050:50
10Keith BrownM5557:00
11Charles ComminsM61:30
1Tarja BarnesF4547:40
2Lynda BridgeF4048:35
3April WilkinsonF3549:13
4Elaine MountfordF5552:05
5Linda StathamF4553:30
6Gill CollenF5557:05
7Carolyn FlanaganF5060:05

11th December 2016

A fine morning for the Winter Handicap saw 19 runners (plus two guests) take on our challenging 10k(ish) route. First over the line and trophy winners were Elaine Mountfield and Andrew Gerrard.

There was the usual ‘banter’ about start times, and a steward’s enquiry about the mathematics, but Dan Green, Ian Seabury, Roger Knight and Ian Edge just about managed to keep things running smoothly.

1Tom GreavesM38:14
2Steven ThompsonM38:41
3Perry MooreM4040:53
4Russ PlattM5043:55
5Will MageeM44:06
6Kevin GillibrandM5045:33
7Stephen BowdenM6046:05
8Andrew GerrardM5046:29
9Michael MonaghanM47:22
10April WilkinsonF48:06
11Tarja BarnesF4548:39
12Martin CatterallM4048:43
13Lyn BridgeF3549:10
14Linda StathamF4551:10
15Elaine MountfordF5552:39
16Tony SudworthM5554:33
17Ian WilliamsM55:13
18Bryan ForthM451:01:23
19Keith BrownM551:02:00

20th December 2015

It was a lovely mild winter day for the handicap race, with a large turnout, Ian was the first back for the men and Tracy for the ladies, well done to both.


Finsh PosTime PosNameCatGender PosRun Time
110Ian SeaburyM40946:49
21Tom GreavesM138:13
14Russ PlattM50343:01
316Roger KnightM451451:05
43Tracy EntwistleF40142:49
58Dave AshcroftM50745:34
622Catherine WakefieldF5551:02:31
713Tarja BarnesF45248:41
87Neil CliffeM55645:24
92Pete AckerleyM40240:46
106Keith BrownM50544:08
1117April WilkinsonF351:45
1212Kevin GillibrandM501148:24
1311Andrew GerrardM501047:14
1420Bryan ForthM40171:00:10
1514Martin CatterallM401249:15
1619Ian WilliamsM451655:27
175Steven ThompsonM443:25
1818Tony SudworthM551551:59
19Daniel GreenM40846:12
121Miranda NeweyF41:00:28
115Ian EdgeM501350:11

21st December 2014

Well done to Susan and Alan for being the first lady man home on this years winter handicap. Reasonable running conditions encouraged a good turnout this year, thanks also to Sarah for providing the handicap times and Martin for timekeeping on the day.

Finish PosNameM/FStart TimeFinish TimeRun PosRun Time
1Susan AlltreeF10:07:151:02:57130:55:42
2Alan GrehanM10:21:451:06:0480:44:19
3Luke PottsM10:21:151:06:32100:45:17
4Russ PlattM10:24:301:06:4240:42:12
5Daniel GreenM10:24:451:07:0450:42:19
6Sarah MatthewsF10:11:001:07:13140:56:13
7Tom GreavesM10:26:301:07:2730:40:57
8Jim DawsonM10:24:151:07:2960:43:14
9Bryan ForthM10:11:151:07:40150:56:25
10Stephen BowdenM10:22:451:07:4290:44:57
11Chris JacksonM10:22:151:07:56110:45:41
12Keith BrownM10:24:451:08:4170:43:56
13Tony BellM10:19:301:08:59120:49:29
14Pete AckerleyM10:29:151:09:0710:39:52
15Steven ThompsonM10:28:151:09:1220:40:57
16Roger KnightM10:14:451:11:24160:56:39
17Shelley WalshF10:09:151:19:00171:09:45

22nd December 2013

Winter Handicap

A cool and breezy morning did not deter 20 members from turning out for the clubs winter handicap. Congratualtions to Keith and Shelly for winning their races.

Ladies Results

PosNameFinish TimeRun Time
1Shelley Walsh1:04:501:04:50
2Sarah Walls1:05:001:05:00
3Fleur Evans1:05:5648:56
4Gill Collen1:08:1454:34
5Tarja Barnes1:08:2745:47
6Alison Lysons1:10:401:02:40
7Joanna Plane1:11:3659:56

Mens Results

PosNameFinish TimeRun Time
1Keith Brown1:05:0041:00
2Vincent S1:06:0048:20
3Ian Edge1:06:3542:35
4Martin Catterall1:06:0548:05
5Steve Thompson1:06:4038:00
6Chris Jackson1:06:4043:40
7Bryan Forth1:06:4855:48
8Tony Bell1:07:4047:40
9Jim Dawson1:07:5840:58
10Russ Platt1:08:0543:05
11Pete Ackerley1:08:1738:57
12Andrew Holland1:08:2343:43
13Neil Hankinson1:09:0044:40

Sunday 16th December 2012

There was a good turn out for this event on a cold but sunny winter's morning. Congratulations go to Ian and Tracy for wining the handicaps and thanks to Neil for the handicapping and time keeping on the day.


PosNameFinish TimeRunning TimeChampionship Position
1Ian Edge59.0047.007
2Mike Entwistle60.5541.552
3Billy O'Brien60.5846.286
4Mark Byrne61.1444.144
5Russ Platt61.4542.453
6Jim Dawson62.1441.441
7Bryan Forth62.5261.529
8Keith Brown63.2544.255
9Martin Catterall66.4854.188


PosNameFinish TimeRunning TimeChampionship Position
1Tracy Entwistle61.3440.041
2Gill Collen68.2260.222
Winter Handicap 2012 Winter Handicap 2012


It was one of the best turn outs for the Winter Handicap of the last few years . no doubt due to absence of snow and ice.

Tracy stormed through the field to be the first person home overall, and was the ladies champion. The men.s race was more competitive with the first 6 men arriving within about a minute of each other. Keith was the first home for the men and hence was the mens champion. Commiserations to Mark who was up with the main pack until the bottom of Bridge Lane when he suffered an injury and had to hobble home.

Thanks to Neil for doing the timekeeping.

Afterwards there was a get together at the Bellhouse Club in Grappenhall where Keith was presented with a tankard to celebrate reaching a half century, and Tracy received a plaque in recognition of her breaking all the Ladies records last year.

Mens Results

PosNameFinishing TimeRunning TimeChanpionship Position
1 Keith Brown 60:11 41:56 2
2 Martin Catterall 60:50 51:20 8
3 Dan Green 61:00 42:45 4
4 Jim Dawson 61:02 41:32 1
5 Russ Platt 61:11 42:41 3
6 Ian Edge 61:21 46:21 6
7 Mark Byrne 64:07 45:37 5
8 Larry Crawley 65:30 55:30 10
9 Paul Crawley 65:30 47:15 7
9 Neil Cliffe 68:13 51:23 9

Ladies Results

PosNameFinishing TimeRunning TimeChanpionship Position
1 Tracy Entwistle59:0541:351
2 Gill Collen62:5056:502


Just like last year the day was beautifully clear and crisp, and also just like last year there had been a fall of snow the night before. Unlike the previous year however this year’s snowfall was onto very wet, cold and icy roads which made it unsafe for us to run the handicap over its usual 6.4ish miles around Grappenhall and Appleton Thorn.

Fear not however, for the committee like Baldrick had ‘a cunning plan’ for just such an eventuality. The roads may have been unsafe, as seen by the low turnout, but Broomfields field, with three or four inches of powder snow was a joy to run on, ‘just like running on sand dunes’ someone said. So what we had was a zigzag course of four laps using the football and rugby posts as our turnaround points.

All those who ran agreed that the shortening of the distance made a bit of a mess of the handicap times, but nevertheless it was a good fun event. Jim and Tracy where the first men and women home and win the trophies for this year. For the championship it’s times that count, so the positions where;


  1. Tracy Entwistle
  2. Gill Collen


  1. Jim Dawson
  2. Ian Edge
  3. Neil Hankinson
  4. Keith Brown

Also running this year where Tony Bell and Shelly Walsh who had come over from Germany as part of their Christmas break. Coldest of all of us though without doubt where Mark Molloy and Mhairri Gass. They acted as timekeepers and deserve a huge vote of thanks for standing in the snow whilst we all kept warm running.

Finally to top off the whole event, as we began the final lap who should turn up but Father Christmas!

(Sorry Alan).

Afterwards we retired to the Grappen Secret Santa and a good helping of sandwiches. we wish her well.


This years' winter handicap was one to remember. Nine members turned battle through snowstorms to get to Broomfields. No question of cancelling the race, so Gill and Ian set of first.

The route was a bit slippy down Bridge Lane but got better when we got onto virgin snow on Stockton Lane. The sun came out for the hill on Broad Lane and the running was positively surreal. We wizzed through Appleton before becoming engulfed in another snowstorm on the way back to Broomfields.

Congratulation to Lee and Gill for winning the handicap race and thanks to Julia for doing the handicaps and the timekeeping.

Winter Handicap Group
Winter Handicap Route

The Course

Winter Handicap Ian

Ian made sure that he would be seen if he got lost in a snow drift!


PosNameFinishing TimeRuning Time
1Lee Sweetman (1st Man)50.4240.24
2Neil Cliffe50.5543.25
3Andrew Gibbons51.0241.02
4Jim Dawson53.0044.45
5Mark Jones55.1045.25
6Keith Brown55.1947.34
7Ian Barwise55.2551.55
8Gill Collen (1st Lady)55.2955.29
9Ian Edge57.3257.32

Guest runners:

PosNameFinishing TimeRuning Time
2Dave Jackson53.2548.25


The Winter Handicap took place on the 21st December. There was a good turnout; 15 members took part on a particular windy day, and most gathered afterwards at the Grappenhall Community Centre for same sandwiches, the secret Santa and the London Marathon Draw.

Thanks to Ian for sorting out the handicaps and to Mhairi and Mark for doing the timing on the day.


PosNameFinishing TimeRacing Time
1Jim Dawson (1st Man)1:00:1341:13
2=Judy Heavey (1st Lady)1:00:3758:37
2=Dave Gallimore1:00:3743:37
4Keith Brown1:00:4241:42
5Shirley Anderson1:01:2146:21
6Chris Hampson1:01:2543:55
7Phil Mahoney1:02:3650:36
8Gill Collen1:02:5450:54
9Kevin Dickson1:03:2445:54
10Mark Jones1:03:5641:56
11=Alison Lysons1:04:1255:12
11=Julia Wrigglesworth1:04:1251:12
13David Beck1:04:3350:55
14Tony Bell1:06:3847:38
15Shelley Walsh1:09:2457:24



Held on a cold December morning - turnout was good, 16 of us turned up and we also had two guests. Commiserations to Robin for injuring his calf (which was no joke in the arctic conditions). London marathon places in the draw at the Saracen's head afterwards went to Kevin Dickson and Keith Brown.

Phil Mahoney 54:43 (First Man)
Richard Hoe46:56
Shirley Anderson45:53 (First Woman)
Andrew Collins40:27
Neil Cliffe43:41
Kevin Dixon42:47
Larry Crawley 47:23
Paul Crawley41:02
Keith Brown42:06
Carol Fell1:01:26
Alan Wright48:16
Mhairi Gass50:11
Gill Collen52:39
David Beck51:21
Alison Lysons57:32
Robin GreenwoodDNF (Calf Injury)