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Cross Country Training

There will be Cross Country training at Town Park, Runcorn on the following Saturday mornings:

  • 24th September
  • 1st October
  • 8th October
  • 15th October

Meet at the Ski Slope for 9am. The session will last about an hour.

Cross Country dates

The dates for the cross country races for the winter season are below.

1 Sunday 23rd October, 10am Clarke Gardens Penny Lane Striders
2 Sunday 13th November, 10am Beacon Park Skelmersdale BH
3 Sunday 4th December, 10am Walton Park Liverpool RC
4 Sunday 18th December, 10am Arrowe park Pensby Runners
5 Sunday 22nd January, 10am Runcorn Town Park Warrington Road Runners
6 Sunday 19th February, 10am Forest Park Spectrum Striders

19th June: Warrington 10K Course Certification

We have had the course re-certified, and are please to announce that it is an accurate 10K.

May Results

Recently we have had Tracy win at the Howgills 28M, club records for Mark, Ian and Neil at the Christleton 5K and Bryan complete his 100th park run. For all results see the resultspage.

Warrington 10K

The Warrington 10K is back and open for entries. The race is on:

Thursday 30thJune at 7:30pm

Enter at Nifty Entries. More information is available on our 10K pageincluding a statement about course measurement.

Warrington parkrun on the Apr 30

The club will be providing the pacers for the Warrington parkrun on the 30th April. We therefore need 12 members to volunteer to do pacing from 20 minutes to 42 minutes (every 2 minutes). Therefore if you can do it let Martin or Ian know and your preferred time.


There will be two championships next year:

  • Main Championship
  • Trail Championship

The introduction of the Trail Championships will cater for those who like running off-road. The races for championships have been announced and more details can be found on the championship page.

2016-17 Membership

The membership form for joining/re-joining the club is now available on the Join Us page. If you want to pay by bank transfer or paypal, please see the facebook group for instructions.

Presentation Evening

The annual presentation evening was held at the Warrington Sport Center, we had a two course meal, followed by Ian giving out the awards assisted by Len and Janice Blood, our oldest members. First were the 33 standards achieved - a record for the club, then the championship and club races awards. Top honors go to Tom and Tarja for being the individual overall club champions.

Tom - Male Champion

Tarja - Female Champion


Age Graded ChampionPete Ackerley
Women's Club ChampionTarja Barnes
Men's Club ChampionTom Greaves
F35 ChampionLinda Statham
V40 ChampionPete Ackerley
F45 ChampionElaine Mountford
V50 ChampionKeith Brown
Lyndsay Scott Summer HandicapMiranda Newey
Summer HandicapKevin Gillibrand
Steve Pass Arley MilePete Ackerley
Carol Birchenough Arley MileLinda Statham
Winter HandicapTracy Entwistle
Men's Winter HandicapIan Seabury
Best NewcomerApril Wilkinson
Most Improved RunnerLuke Potts
Club Member of the YearByran Forth


Gold Standard

Pete Ackerley

  • Whitley 10k 37:15
  • English HM 1:23:17
  • South Cheshire 20 20m 2:12:48

Jim Dawson

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 19:44
  • Cheshire 10k 40:32
  • Stockport 10m 1:06:36

Silver Standard

Dave Ashcroft

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 21:06
  • Stockport 10m 1:13:46
  • Wilmslow HM 1:36:26

Keith Brown

  • Chester Spring 5 5m 33:25
  • Manchester 10k 41:15
  • Wilmslow HM 1:34:03

Mark Byrne

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 20:14
  • Salford 10k 41:06
  • Four Villages HM 1:34:45

Andrew Gerrard

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 21:56
  • Norton Priory 5m 35:08
  • EHM 10k 43:25

Tom GreaveS

  • Pie and Peas 5m 30:50
  • Elleston Arms 10k 37:18
  • English HM 83:18

Dan Green

  • Dunham Massey 5k 20:30
  • High Leigh 10k 41:05
  • Wrexham HM 1:29:33

Elaine Mountford

  • Hollins Green 5k 25:14
  • Whitley 10k 53:00
  • English HM 1:55:01

Russ Platt

  • Hollins Green 5K 5k 19:57
  • EHM HM 1: 32:32
  • Trimpell 20 20m 2:39:56

Steve Thompson

  • Dunham Massey 5k 18:26
  • Whitley 10k 38:29
  • English HM 1:27:00

Bronze Standard

Martin Catterall

  • Cheshire Relays 5k 21:51
  • Sefton Park 5m 35:02
  • English HM 1:37:22

Alan Grehan

  • Christleton 5k 19:51
  • Sport in the Port 10k 41:35
  • Manchester Marathon 3:28:45

Jim Haddock

  • Dunham Massey 5k 21.45
  • Pie and Peas 5m 36.32
  • Stockport 10m 1.13.25

Andy Holland

  • Chester Spring 5 5m 32:55
  • Cheshire 10k 42:38
  • Malta HM 1:35:11

Chris Jackson

  • Bispham 10m 71:29
  • Malta HM 1:36:23
  • London Marathon 3:29:07

Alison Lysons

  • Dunham Massey 5k 27:38
  • Hale Village 5m 43:23
  • Whitley 10k 56:01

Will Magee

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 21:01
  • Cheshire 10k 43:37
  • Four Villages HM 1:35:34

Steven Nokes

  • Christleton 5k 20:12
  • Cheadle Spring 5m 34:30
  • Cheshire 10k 10k 42:33

Luke Potts

  • English HM 1:31:19
  • South Cheshire 20m 2:36:24
  • Chester Marathon 3:23:07

Linda Statham

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 24.26
  • Sefton Park 5m 5m 40.08
  • Wigan 10K 10k 52.05

John Walsh

  • Dunham Massey 5k 19:53
  • Cheshire 10k 39:58
  • Cheshire HM 1:35:04

Sue Walters

  • Norton Priory 5m 44:02
  • Cheshire 10k 54:44
  • English HM 2:04:51

April Wilkinson

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 23:20
  • Marham 10k 47:20
  • Four Villages HM 1:44:07

Copper Standard

Susan Alltree

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 27:07
  • Whitley 10k 10k 54:31
  • Chester HM 2:12:16

Steph Foster

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 28:46
  • Norton Priory 5m 46:52
  • Arley 10k 59:29

Denise Grehan

  • Malahide Park Run 5k 23:48
  • Green Drive 5m 38:59
  • Manchester Marathon 4:00:36

Mark Molloy

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 24.39
  • Norton Priory 5m 39.34
  • Cheshire 10k 49.22

Miranda Newey

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 26:23
  • EHM 10k 53:14
  • Southport HM 1:58

Jenny Smith

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 24.33
  • Birchwood 10k 53.14
  • English HM 1.51.55

Ben Sutton

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 21:38
  • Oulton Park HM 1:43:40
  • Manchester Marathon 3:44:00

Kate Wakefield

  • Warrington Park Run 5k 29:49
  • Cheshire 10k 10k 1:00:56
  • Four Villages HM 2:11:48

Martin Berry

  • Lancaster 5k 21:52
  • Natterjack 10k 45:02
  • English HM 1:42:00

February Tuesday Run

The Tuesday run route for March is Winter Run#2

February Tuesday Run

The Tuesday run route for February is Winter Run#3


This years AGM will be on the 16thMarch, the venue is the Warrington Sports Club. This is your chance to have your say in the running of the club.

If anyone had an agenda items then please email them to 4th March.


Its the time of year where you can claim a standard (GOLD, SILVER etc) if you have achieved it at three different distances (5K, 10K etc). More details can be found on the standardspage.

Training over Christmas

The last training of session of 2015 will be on Tuesday 22nd December (the track is closed on the 24th and 31st) and the first training session of 2016 will be Tuesday 5th January.

If any members wish to train between Xmas & New Year then arrangements should be made via Facebook.

3th January: Arrowe Park Cross Country

The next cross country race is at Arrowe Park on the Wirral. This is a fairly easy course and is a good one those who have not experienced cross country before. There will be refreshments afterwards.

See the Arrowe ParkCross Country page for more details.

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