2020 Trail Championship

The trail championship consists of off-road races including Fell and Ultras. The championship is determined by the best 7 races out of 13.

The championship starts on the 1st January and finishes on the 31st December 2020.

Either a Red & Blue vest or T Shirt must be worn in order for a race to count towards your championship standing.

Race Distance Climb Date
1 Sandstone Challenge 34m N/A May
2 Best results from the Harrock Hill series 5.2m 900ft May-August
3 Best results from the WRC 5 Mile series 5m - 30/3, 29/06, 19/10
4 Robbie Webster's Wobbler 5.2m 1220ft 19 June
5 Lymm Trail 10K 10K 30 June
6 Pie & Peas 5m 7 August
7 Teggs Nose Fell Race 8m 1722ft 3 August
8 Delamere 13 13m N/A 8 September
9 Rivington 10 mile trail challenge 10m N/A 7 April
10 Sandstone Trail A/B 10.5/17m 13 September
11 Best NWXCL position 5M Variable January - December
11 Second Best NWXCL position 5M Variable January - December
12 Best Delamere parkrun time 5K - Jan - Dec

Note: Some of these races are serious undertakings that require a minimum amount of kit to be taken/worn. Please refer to the FRA Safety Requirements for more information.