Pie and Peas 5 Mile Trail Race

This 5 mile multi-terrain race is organised by Vale Royal AC. The course is mostly over good paths and tracks and can be run in road shoes. There is a free pie & peas supper (vegetarian pies available) to all runners!

Race HQ

Royal British Legion, Main Road, Moulton, CW9 8PB (between Northwich and Winsford). Start & finish is in the usual place, on the playing fields.

Car parking

Ample parking in a nearby field.


Toilets and other facilities are available at the race HQ

2nd August 2023

Pie and Peas 5
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
153Keith BrownM60612240:57
301Laura BiggsF3211653:36
325Catherine WakefieldF6061361:00:19

3rd August 2022

Pie and Peas 5
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
121Stephen BowdenM65310538:07
130Mark DaviesM551411338:30
162Tarja BarnesF5022640:31
190Linda BowdenF5034042:22
218Sarah OlearyF4595445:20
259Geri KiddleF50107848:20
281Sarah FontanaF45189350:37
282Denise O'DonnellF45199450:37
289Charles ComminsM3919252:01
291Neil CumminsM552619352:46
310Fran HealdF452311155:22
311Jon BettsM453320055:22
337Pam StaveleyF40231311:01:27
338Bryan ForthM50312071:01:28

2021 Results

Pie and Peas 5
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
38Steven ThompsonM73433:07
180Tony SudworthM601413146:40

2019 Results

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
35Russ PlattM5043433:01
65James WilliamsM4015934:53
69Will MageeM40116135:37
85Andrew GerrardM55107536:43
131Martin BerryM401410839:25
164Sarah BickerstaffeF103741:20
287Stephen WilliamsM502718348:29
289Sarah FontanaF402010649:09
364Ann WilkinsonF55161661:04:56
365Bryan ForthM45341991:04:41
366Kate CumminsF50171671:05:35
367Neil CumminsM50302001:05:35

2018 Results

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
39Daniel GreenM4583933:09
68Andrew GerrardM50136435:27
79Will MageeM127436:21
128Keith BrownM551211338:59
147Tarja BarnesF4572439:39
160Tony SudworthM551513140:07
201Jon BettsM402915643:00
206April WilkinsonF35104843:20
242Catherine WakefieldF5576745:53
283Charles ComminsM2019048:48
310Fran HealdF402411651:11
322Bryan ForthM453019753:05

2017 Results

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
54Daniel GreenM4085233:31
75Will MageeM107035:24
102Aaron PerryM179236:27
156Keith BrownM55712739:36
187Tony SudworthM551214741:32
211Martin BerryM402116042:50
302Bryan ForthM453619352:06

2016 Results

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
34Jim DawsonM5023333:22
47Daniel GreenM40104634:27
48Neil CliffeM5514734:40
52Andrew HollandM155134:57
56Steven NokesM55435:29
77Kevin GillibrandM5077236:40
81Keith BrownM5097636:52
98Martin BerryM40169138:18
106Martin CatterallM40189838:59
112Ian SeaburyM401910139:21
156Tony SudworthM55912541:37
158Linda StathamF4083341:39
163Ian WilliamsM2712742:16
216Catherine WakefieldF5537245:24
249Sarah MatthewsF35189948:40
251Bryan ForthM452215148:47

2015 Results

This Wednesday evening race saw a large turnout from the club despite the inclement weather. Tom led the club home just ahead of Pete and a lot of members enjoyed the Pie and Peas afterwards.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
25Tom GreavesM72330:50
27Pete AckerleyM4062530:54
35Steven ThompsonM93231:14
91Keith BrownM50118134:41
96Alan GrehanM148534:51
97Luke PottsM158634:54
98Jim DawsonM50138735:04
101Ian EdgeM50149035:24
109Will MageeM169636:03
116Jim HaddockM402610136:32
120Stephen BowdenM55210336:50
124Russ PlattM452010637:01
130Will CharlesM1811037:15
141Steven NokesM2011837:33
165Martin BerryM402813439:07
166Martin CatterallM402913539:15
182Tony SudworthM55714440:12
215Linda StathamF40115541:53
235April WilkinsonF206942:53
266Miranda NeweyF238545:29
284Alison LysonsF50159647:50
295Bryan ForthM403519348:19

Well earned Pie and Peas (or Beans) afterwards

7th August 2014

Pie and Peas

There was a good turn out for this race thanks to Andy's persuasion. The race was multi-terrain with a long climb near the finish, afterwards we refulled on Pie and mushy Peas!. Well done to Tarja Barnes who came first in her category.

PosCat PosNamePosTimeAge Grade%
424Russ PlattMV4533:33 71.59%
506Jim DawsonMV5034:0172.34%
538Keith BrownMV5034:2072.98%
8013Neil CliffeMV5035:5570.22%
863Jude PeckLV4036:1761.02%
8915Andrew HollandM36:2259.11%
961Tarja BarnesLV4536:4062.96%
2499Alison LysonsLV5052:5246.83%
25022Sarah MatthewsL52:5240.74%


Pie and Peas
93Keith BrownM5034:48
111Andrew HollandM35:40


Pie and Peas
51Keith BrownM5033:5472.53
80Russ PlattM4535:5066.38


Pie and Peas
77Keith BrownM4534:071.73


Pie and Peas
58Keith BrownM4536:2265.98
75Neil CliffeM4535:269.05


Pie and Peas
61Keith BrownM4034:5567.14