Cheshire 10K, Arley Hall


The Cheshire 10k offers one of the fastest 10k road racing courses in the north! Racing around the flat and rural roads of Antrobus, this UKA licensed, official 10k Road race offers the perfect opportunity for runners of all abilities to get a chip timed personal best.

The start and finish are in the ground of Arley Hall.

Car Parking

There is plenty of parking in the field adjacent to the start.

Start time:

The start time is usually about 10am, and you'll need to arrive in time to collect your number and chip before the race.

Getting here:

Arley hall is easily accessible by the motorways (M56 Junction 10 or M6 Junction 19 or 20).

Entry Details

Entry details and other details can be found on the Cheshire 10K Website.

Past Results

23rd March 2018

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
92Colin KennedyM5037938:2480.25Gold
121Kevin GillibrandM50510339:3677.82GoldPB
249Philip RoseM55820844:3470.98Silver
599Anne McGrathF60314354:1771.63SilverFirst Timer

10th November 2018

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
166Kevin GillibrandM501015640:5575.32Gold
726Catherine WakefieldF55417455:4368.86Silver
788Christopher YatesM553657255:3157.49CopperPB
1126Liane ClarkeF55194351:03:1457.62CopperSB

4th November 2017

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
42Steven ThompsonM183837:1971.82Silver
77Daniel GreenM40177339:2772.5SilverPB
113Will MageeM1910540:4167.64BronzePB
145Liam WilkinsonM2513442:0064.76BronzePB
278Tony SudworthM55924147:0668.37Silver
341Julie MooreF5535248:0177.85GoldPB and Club Record
380Elaine MountfordF5546449:5775.81SilverSB
489Linda StathamF45119751:4163.4BronzeSB
638Wendy GidmanF501716655:4861.41Bronze
958Liane ClarkeF50383771:01:5958.05CopperSB

26th March 2017

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
128Sean FarrellyM501011441:4573.81SilverPB
281Steve AndersonM3623446:5858.59Copper
481Tony SudworthM552738451:1962.2Bronze
607Sarah MatthewsF353515952:4558.33CopperPB
663Eleanor SmithF6918654:2855.69Copper
1052Linda WheatF40824621:05:0949.35

12th November 2016

PosNameCatGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
159Daniel GreenM4014741:1568.77Silver
209Steven NokesM19142:4964.27Bronze
261Steve AndersonM23844:1161.9Bronze
310Roger KnightM4528044:5864.64BronzePB
319Anne GregoryF453146:0371.15Silver
331Sean FarrellyM5029745:4266.85SilverPB
396April WilkinsonF4847:0764.66BronzePB
423Martin BerryM4036646:3860.36Copper
435Linda StathamF456248:2267.09SilverPB
470Tony SudworthM5540149:0964.94Bronze
636Eleanor SmithF12751:5558.43CopperPB
642Ian WilliamsM51351:1252.51PB
765Catherine WakefieldF5518755:2067.56BronzePB
1051Michael MonaghanM68959:1846.4Debut

April 2016

April 2016 race was on a lovely spring morning, but clashed with the Manchester Marathon.

Cheshire 10K

Before the Cheshire 10K

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
101Jim DawsonM5089139:5476.57Gold
372Tony SudworthM552130948:2765.29Bronze
480Neil SimpsonM6638550:4654.2
539Lindsey AndersF5812651:5958.35CopperPB
660Miranda NeweyF7918754:4955.34Copper
776Diane WhitfieldF55525058:0064.45Bronze

October 2015

PosNameCatGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
68Mike EntwistleM506638:2280.47GoldDebut
173Steven NokesM15642:3365.88BronzePB
187Jim HaddockM4017142:5867.94BronzePB
213Will MageeM18843:3763.72Bronze
303Martin BerryM4028946:1262.06Bronze
307Will CharlesM26746:2458.40Copper
458Mark MolloyM4536049:2261.49Copper
627Roger KnightM4548653:1555.65Copper
629Jenny SmithF4014453:1659.51Copper
690Sue WaltersF5515154:4468.39BronzePB
887Steph FosterF5026759:2960.13CopperDebut
910Catherine WakefieldF552841:00:2661.59CopperPB

April 2015

PosNameCatGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
107John WalshM409739:5871.85SilverPB
126Jim DawsonM5011340:3276.94Gold
171Andrew HollandM15042:3863.56Bronze
177Will MageeM15642:1965.42BronzePB
236Tony SudworthM5520544:4573.15SilverPB
580Linda StathamF4017553:5352.85CopperDebut

September 2014

It was the Cheshire 10K at Arley hall and there was another good turnout for this popular and well organised race. The course has a repution for being a fast course and led Andrew H, Martin, Anne to produce PBs whilst there were fine debuts by Tony, Roger and Kate.

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
72Steven ThompsonM426538:3269.97Silver
142Jim DawsonM501313341:2275.11Silver
155Andrew HollandM8414441:3964.95BronzePB
192Martin CatterallM10117843:0165.75BronzePB
277Anne GregoryF4073345:2863.25SilverPB
371Tony SudworthM551331848:0667.79Bronze
375Ian PetersM15832148:1356.79CopperPB
483Mark MolloyM455038850:2159.81Copper
606Roger KnightM408446352:1356.31CopperPB
1022Catherine WakefieldF55104301:04:4550.2CopperDebut

March 2014

Cheshire 10K

A fine spring morning saw several members run the Cheshire 10K based at Arley Hall. This runs around the country lanes between Arley Hall and Antrobus and had over a thousand runners. Well done to Sarah who managed to record a PB by over 2 minutes.

PosNameCatCat PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
127Jim DawsonM50741:0975.14Gold
180Chris JacksonM043:2162.09BronzePB
749Sarah MatthewsF057:2347.12

September 2013

Two members tried this event which had its first outing at Arley Hall. The race was fast and rural with a big field of over 700 runners. Congratulations go to Mark who obtained a PB.



58Jim DawsonM5038:5379.2Gold
257Mark MolloyM4547:463.43BronzePB