Birchwood Brook 5K

The Birchwood Brook 5K is one of the North Cheshire 5K Series races. It takes place in several parks in Birchwood in Warrington, namely Birchwood Brook Park, Birchwood Forest Park and Oakwood Gate Park. The route is largely traffic free and is on parkland paths & trails.

Car parking

Parking will be in the Birchwood Shopping Centre car park 1 (adjacent to The Peacock pub).


Toilets and other facilities are available at the High School


15th June 2023

Birchwood Brook 5K
PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%Standard
102Martin BerryM45107723:2362.15Bronze
121Keith BrownM6058924:3765.4Bronze

31th May 2018

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%Standard
21Colin KennedyM5021919:2078.1Gold
45Bobbie LomaxF403620:3675.08Gold
128Sarah MatthewsF3553628:4552.23
133Sarah-marie DunneF104129:5149.47
140Karen EvansF5094430:2256.86Copper

3rd June 2016

PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTimeAge%StandardNotes
16Jerry CollM4041618:3573.81Silver
28Lewis JohnstonM132820:0764.54BronzeDebut
32Jim DawsonM5053120:2973.72Silver
54Kevin GillibrandM5074522:0966.59BronzeDebut
67Sean FarrellyM50136022:5465.43BronzePB


22Russ PlattM4520:1172.88Silver
34Will MageeM21:1162.84Bronze
48Martin CatterallM21:3163.42Copper
59Andrew HollandM22:0758.89Copper
62Will CharlesM22:2757.90CopperPB
92Daniel GreenM4025:2754.60
102Alison LysonsF5026:5863.16Bronze
105Bryan ForthM4027:3551
111Sarah MatthewsF3528:3052.49