Warrington Road Runners

28th November COVID-19 Training Update

Following the revised England Athletics guidance of November 27th we will be restarting our club training runs from Tuesday December 8th.

As before the most recent lockdown, we need anyone who is coming down to the sessions to book on to them using the RunTogether app/website as we need to know how many people to expect and to be able to confirm who attended.

Once we arrive at Broomfields we will gather in the relevant groups of matched paced and distance, and as before you choose which one. One person from each group will then volunteer / be appointed as Group Leader (if there is no Run Leader in that group), and it will be that person’s responsibility to:

  • Follow the Covid-19 Government guidelines within the group.
  • Know who is in your group.
  • Know the chosen route – not get lost.
  • Keep the group together – setting an agreed pace for your group, mustering etc
  • Avoid other groups. No photos of 20 people together etc
  • Not get the club in the papers / Social media for all the wrong reasons etc.
The route for the coming period will be announced on the Club facebook page in the next week or so. Remember that some of the pavements will still be narrow and passing at a safe distance may not be easy, please be patient and give way to other pedestrians who may not be comfortable with a group of runners going past them in close proximity. A brief pause till it is safe to pass is worth it (just remember to pause your watch if you are that way inclined).

Once you finish the run, we ask you disperse quickly, to ensure we all stay as safe as possible.


Welcome to Warrington Road Runners, we are an England Athletics affiliated running club established in 1977. Our members are a mix of social and competitive runners with ages ranging from 18 to 70 something and of all abilities. More...

We hold our own club championship, compete in local road races, a cross country league in winter and our own handicap events. Throughout the year we have several social events and an annual weekend away each year. Members can gain age-related standards and we hold an annual Presentation Evening to celebrate everyone's achievements.

We meet and train at Broomfield Leisure Center on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Victoria Park running track on Thursday evenings. Tuesday evenings use routes based around south Warrington of varying distances and are suited to all abilities. Thursday evenings are on the track.

Read more About Us and How to Join.