WRR Track Plan – Feb 2017

DateSessionPurpose/brief outline
2 Feb

8-10x800m, equal recovery.

Convert your target marathon time into mins:secs, eg if targeting a 3hr 30min marathon, take this to be 3mins 30secs. Do the efforts at this pace and have equal recovery.

A Yasso 800s session. This session is often touted as one that provides a good predictor of marathon times and we will conduct a little experiment to see how accurate/wide of the mark it is! The full session is 10 reps, notch this down to 8 if you don’t feel ready for the full 10 yet.

9 Feb

5x300m @ 10k pace, then 3x1mi @ tempo pace.

200m jog recovery throughout

A similar session to the ones last month. The 300m stints will stress the fast twitch muscle fibers more and will add extra challenge to the tempo unit, where you will rely wholly on slow twitch fibres.

16 Feb

8 mins marathon pace

2 min recovery

3x4mins at tempo pace off 2 min recoveries

8 mins marathon pace

More volume at marathon pace, with some faster tempo running in the middle. The last marathon pace section should be difficult as you will be fatigued, just as in the marathon.

23 Feb

Alternating Tempo

4 sets of (6mins 10k pace, 4mins marathon pace)

The same total time as last months alternating tempo – but a greater proportion of the set is at 10k pace. This ups the ante significantly from last time so there is the option to dive out after three sets if needed.