About Us

Warrington Road Runners Group WRR is an England Athletics affiliated running club established in 1977. We have recently been voted as one of the top 20 friendliest running clubs in the country and best off-track running club in the North West.

Our members are a mix of social and competitive runners with ages ranging from 20 to 60 something, roughly one third women. We hold our own club championship and compete in local road races year round, cross country in winter as well as our own handicap events.

We have several social events and an annual long-run weekend. Members can also gain age-related standardsand we hold an annual get together to celebrate everyone's achievements.

We meet regularly to run on the footpaths and roads of South Warrington with summer routes including some scenic runs through woodland, fields and canal paths. Our Tuesday run is up to ten miles with several cut-offs. How far you run depends on you but we try to match up “new” runners with “old hands” to introduce you to the routes and to make sure you don't get lost. On Thursday nights we train at Victoria Park on the running track in a coach led session. The training link will provide more details.

When and where we meet

Tuesday 7pm at Broomfields Leisure Centre, Appleton for a start 10 minutes later. We meet in the car park at the front of the baths.

Thursday 7:15 pm at Victoria Park running track for a speed session.

Sunday morning long slow runs, arranged mutually between members.

Want to know anything?

Want to know more about the club? Please e-mail the club Secretary John Walshe - he will be glad to help.

Would you prefer to run with other people instead of on your own?
We would love to see you and we welcome any new runners.

Training Nights




Broomfields Leisure Center, Warrington





Victoria Park, Warrington





Club Secretary