Club Honours

Every year the club recognises the achievements of the members at the club awards cermony(presentation evening). The club champions are determined over a series of races, as described on the Championship page. The club also has a number of internal events at which the winner wins a trophy, these are:

The winners for the 2016-2017 season are listed below, past awards are listed here.

Age Graded ChampionPerry Moore
Women's Club ChampionApril Wilkinson
Men's Club ChampionTom Greaves
F35 ChampionLinda Statham
V40 ChampionJerry Coll
F45 ChampionTarja Barnes
V50 ChampionIan Edge
Lyndsay Scott Summer HandicapApril Wilkinson
Ladies Summer HandicapTom Greaves
Steve Pass Arley MileJerry Coll
Carol Birchenough Arley MileApril Wilkinson
Ladies Winter HandicapElaine Mountford
Men's Winter HandicapAndrew Gerrard
Best NewcomerSean Farrelly
Most Improved RunnerKevin Gillibrand
Club Member of the YearMartin Catterall/Gill Collen
Female Trail ChampionGill Collen
L35 Trail ChampionLinda Statham
L45 Trail ChampionTarja Barnes
Male Trail ChampionRichard Bolton
V40 Male Trail ChampionDan Green
V50 Male Trail ChampionRuss PLatt

Past Winners

All past winners are listed here.

Past Club Champions

Male Year Female
Tom Greaves 2016 April Wilkinson
Tom Greaves 2015 Tarja Barnes
Pete Ackerley 2014 Tarja Barnes
Pete Ackerley 2013 Tarja Barnes
Jim Dawson 2012 Tracy Entwistle
Jim Dawson 2011 Gill Collen
Jim Dawson 2010 Tracy Entwistle
Mark Jones 2009 Gill Collen
Jim Dawson 2008 Shirley Anderson
Keith Brown 2007 Shirley Anderson
Roderick Johnstone 2006 Julia Wrigglesworth
Roderick Johnstone 2005 Gill Collen
Keith Brown 2004 Gill Collen/Julia Wrigglesworth
Nigel Armstrong 2003 Gill Collen
Peter Bennetton 2002 Joanne McMahon
Keith Brown 2001 Gill Collen
Ian Edge 2000 Jill Jackson
Keith Brown 1999 Jill Jackson
Andrew Marsden 1998 Jill Jackson
Peter Bennetton 1997 Jill Jackson
Peter Bennetton 1996 Jill Jackson
Peter Bennetton 1995 Marie Sinclair/Jill Jackson
Rob Wynne - Mervin Ward 1994 Ann Hughes/Carol Birchenough
Mervin Ward 1993 Annette Pritchard
Paul Boileau 1992 Geraldine Taylor
Rob Welsby 1991 Jill Hetherington
Steve Bowden 1990 Jill Hetherington
Andrew Marsden 1989 Geraldine Taylor
Dave Norman 1988 Jill Hetherington

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